Lee Strobel Biopic Begins Filming

Lee Strobel is known for writing a series of Christian apologetics books starting with the bestselling The Case For Christ. The book tells the story of Strobel’s testimony from converting from atheism to Christianity and seeking answers about Jesus Christ.

In the book, he interviews several Christian leaders including Bill Hybels of Willow Creek Community Church and author of Courageous Leadership.

The Case For Christ spun off a documentary of the same name, but earlier this year, Lee Strobel announced via Twitter that a film based on his journey began filming on Tuesday.

Brian Bird, screenwriter for Saving Sarah Cain, Not Easily Broken, and The Last Sin-Eater wrote the screenplay. The films stars Erika Christensen (How To Rob A Bank), Faye Dunaway (Network), and Mike Vogel (The Help) as Strobel.

The biopic is being directed by Jon Gunn, known for directing Do You Believe?and the documentary My Date With Drew.

The film is being produced independently.

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