Christian Inspiration: Show Some Backbone

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But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father in heaven. Matthew 10:33 Holman’s Christian Standard Bible

“I’m a singer who is a Christian, but I’m not a Christian singer.”

“I’m a writer who is a Christian, but I’m not a Christian writer.”

Now, I understand the heart behind this. What they are saying is, they want to extend themselves into the secular world. They feel that their “Christianness” is a hindrance to them furthering their careers in whatever it is.

This would come up in conversation when I was at seminary.

I would tell my fellow students that I am writer and they would say, “Oh, do you want to be a Christian writer?” My reply, “What do you mean?” Their answer, “Well, are you going to write in Christian markets or secular?” My reply, “Why can’t I do both?”

This is not a criticism of Christian markets for criticism. In fact, I am a defender of Christian media and entertainment.

My problem is when someone says they want to get into the secular market, but want to hide their faith. That, in my opinion, is very cowardly.

These Christians try to justify it this way. “Oh, I’m like Daniel. Daniel hid among the court of Babylon.” Yes, seriously.

Daniel did not “hide” in Babylon’s court. In fact, what got him and his friends noticed was the fact that they lived out their faith. Also, that is in the Old Testament. (That’s for another article.)

Look at Christians of the past. CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, John Bunyan, these men would be rolling over in their graves to hear this. They wrote books and published in secular markets.

Even today, Adam Young of Owl City fame, Carrie Underwood an award winning singer, Dean Cain a famous actor, and Andrew Klavan a popular writer. All of these celebrities are Christians and live out their faith. Have their careers been hurt? I’m sure they have, but they still practice their faith. (Yes, none of them are perfect.)

When I read Matthew 10:33, it reminds me to live out my faith and be open about my faith in Jesus Christ, to not be ashamed. This whole, “I’m a Christian and this, but not a Christian this” is nothing more than a cowardly attempt to hide faith. Show some backbone and do not be ashamed of Jesus.

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