Interview With Commentator Kassy Dillon

Photo courtesy of Kassy Dillon's social media.

Photo courtesy of Kassy Dillon’s social media.

One of the coolest people I follow on Twitter, Kassy Dillon is a correspondent, social media activist, commentator, and writer. No, she’s not a liberal feminist, but she is a strong woman, oh, and a Conservative. She is a fellow writer for Red Alert Politics, a correspondent for Campus Reform, and is the Founder of the Lone Conservative. She is intelligent and it was very interesting hearing her story. Check it out below.

Where are you from?

I am from Western MA.

What kinds of interests did you have in high school? Sports? Writing? Drama?

In high school, I was very involved with the school yearbook and the newspaper. I was actually Editor in Chief my senior year of both publications, and also for an additional yearbook for the special needs students. I also tried out track for a season, but quit after I started working at a daycare. I was also a part of Relay for Life and during my junior and senior year I helped plan and organize the event. Other than that, I would say I really focused working and on my academics at my school and Westfield State University where I took classes my senior year.

Tell us about your time at Mount Holyoke College. What are you studying?

I am currently double majoring in Middle Eastern Studies and International Relations with a focus on national security. I am also in the pre-law program. I find that these majors are really refreshing for me after working so much in American politics. I am really interested in the Middle East politics, culture, and language. My time at Mount Holyoke is interesting because I am certainly, as my website says “The Lone Conservative,” or at least the student that is the most open about it. Some students are really judgmental of anyone that identifies as Republican, but I find that some people like to have the open debates with me, especially in class.

What kind of activities or societies do you look for or try to be a part of?

I am currently the President of the College Republicans, and I am a part of the MHC RAQS belly dancing club- I know not very “conservative.” However, I find this club to be really great because it is an awesome work out, and we keep things very modest and professional during our shows. I love dancing and music, and I am the one known to always perform to songs by Shakira. Belly dancing really helped me make a lot of friends and has been a way to do something not related to politics, since most of my life is consumed by it.

As for the other clubs, it seems that I have to start a lot of my own since they do not exist here. I am currently helping start a Students for Israel and a Young Americans for Liberty chapter.

What was it like to work with Relay For Life?

Relay for Life was incredible. I was sort of the liaison between the students at my high school and between the committee member for Holyoke and Chicopee. It was very rewarding to work all year to mobilize the community and the dozens of students at my school to participate in this very important event. All of the relays have been very memorable for me, especially during the Luminaria ceremonies.

In 2015, you were a field representative for Carly Fiorina who is a Conservative Republican. Why did you think she was right for America?

I worked for CARLY for America, the super pac. I actually met Carly at a breakfast in New Hampshire before she announced, and I did not like her. I think during the first few debates she really inspired me to look more into her. Her policies aligned a lot with mine, and she was an overall good person. She has a very good story to tell. She is what women should be striving for, she is pro-women in a way that does not align with this third-wave feminism madness. While working for her I had the opportunity to meet both her and her husband a few times. They are truly amazing people. It is remarkable how well known she is now, because before the election not many people have even heard of her. I had a great time working for CARLY for America.

When did the transition happen where you became more Conservative or where you always Conservative?

I would say this happened after spending a lot of time with my grandpa. My grandpa is very conservative and made it is mission to teach me the foundation for conservatism, and everything he knows about guns. So on many weekends when I was a young preteen he would take out his guns and teach me about them while discussing current politics. He is now a Trump supporter and joked with me a lot while I was supporting Carly. However, now he is excited I am backing the Republican nominee.

I would also say I became even more involved in conservatism during my AP Government class in high school. There were only five students in the class, but two students were liberal, the teacher was liberal, and the other two students didn’t really care. I had some awesome discussions in that class where I had the chance to really develop my beliefs.

I have heard from some that when they become more Right leaning, they lost friends. Did you loose any friends?

I don’t think any of my friends really judge me for being right leaning, because I have always been so open about it. If anything, they are annoyed that I can never stop talking about politics! It really consumes my life. I wouldn’t say I lost friends, but I would say many people are certainly hesitant to be my friend.

You break the stereotype that liberals force on women. What kind of criticisms have you received and how do you let it roll off your back?

After my twitter page started gaining a lot of followers I received criticism from many people. I have never been one to let what others think get to me. I just laugh it off any move on with my day. If I don’t like something people are saying, I just will ignore it or not look at it. I think people sometimes forget your phone or computer have an off button. If you don’t like something, don’t look at it. I think it really confuses people why I’m conservative. I’m a woman, from New England, that goes to an all-girls school, that was raised by a single mother, and who grew up pretty poor. I’m a conservative because I believe in small government and that people should have control over their own lives- that’s exactly what I tell people when they’re too confused to understand it’s that simple. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work, they will continue questioning it or try to convert me. Good luck.

Do you have any advice for women who want get involved with Conservative are afraid of being attacked?

I don’t want to direct this at women, but at all conservatives, especially students because I don’t believe this is a gender issue. I think you just need to grow thick skin, and remember that you are entitled to your beliefs and you have the freedom to speak about them. Challenge the status quo. If someone wants to attack you over your political beliefs, then let them, and if they are your friends, find new friends.

They also need to remember that there are a ton of people willing to support them. For example, my website works as both a publication to share our views, but also a support system where we give advice on how to do the best activism, or how to deal with particular issues and professors.

Tell us about being a Western Massachusetts Office of the Governor. Who did you intern for and what did you learn from the experience?

I interned for the Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker. I love love love Charlie Baker. He does a very good job at working with the liberals in our state legislature to fix our budget. He isn’t known for being socially conservative, but that’s not practical in my state. He has been rated the most popular governor in the country! I learned a lot about my state politics and the problems in the MA GOP. I am currently working to strengthen the party. So the main thing I learned while there is that there is a lot of work to be done.

You have written several articles for Campus Reform and act as a correspondent. Do you have any interesting incidents at a campus that you can share?

Most of the articles I write are about other campuses that I have not visited because people usually send me tips and then I write about the situation. However, my most interesting incident is the “trigglypuff” encounter at UMass Amherst. I didn’t actually write the story because it was during finals and they needed it ASAP, but I did take the video and help contribute. It was certainly the event that really pushed me into journalism.

On Red Alert Politics, you cover a wide range of topics including social issues, politics, and entertainment, how do you determine which topic to write about?

Honestly, I hate covering topics that other people already talked about. Many news websites just take articles from other websites and try to expand upon them. However, I usually like finding my own stories. So honestly, is whatever I feel interested in writing about. I really like the flexibility.

You not only write for Red Alert Politics and Campus Reform, you’re the Founder of the e-zine Lone Conservative. Where did you get the inspiration to get it started and why are you Lone?

I got the idea of Lone Conservative while on the metro in DC, and many of us make jokes about this and pass around the photo of the little piece of notebook paper where I scribbled down my ideas. I got the ideas to start this after writing for Campus Reform and deciding that I wanted to give students the change to write op-ed style articles to share with others what millennials view conservatism as. I think conservatism is transforming a bit with the social issues due to millennials. I really urge people to check out our website where we really discuss why we exist.

Now, we are “lone” because it is a fact that on most campuses conservative students are a minority. On my campus, I am one of now three thanks to the freshman class. I also find that there are many conservative students that won’t be open about it for fear of people judging them. I think that this website has the mission of empowering, and giving students a voice.

Lately, you have gotten involved with social media activism. For a long time, Conservatives were slow to catch up. How important do you think social media is when it comes to getting the message out?

This election has proven that social media serves an influential purpose. The story about Hillary’s health would have never become a campaign issue without social media activists like Paul Watson Joseph and Mike Cernovich. I think it is so important because it allows the people to have a voice instead of the MSM influencing what people are talking about. This is why its really a problem that many social media websites are cracking down on free speech.

I want to change gears for a moment. There are two kinds of Millennials: 1. Those who want individual rights, but also are responsible 2. Those who want free stuff. Now, that’s a huge generalization, but where do you think the split is? Is it the parents or other things?

I have to agree that this is a huge generalization. I think that there is a spectrum of those who want liberty, and those who want a more socialist society. I think millennials heart is in the right place, they realize that there is a problem in society, but many just have different ideas of how to fix it. Due to this you see an increasing amount of students supporting socialism, which is terrifying because they don’t realize the impact it has. I think that it is many factors that determine a person’s beliefs, how they were raised, what books they have read, where they live, what media outlets they watch, and what they learn in schools.

How can Conservatives Millennials step up and get involved in spreading the message of Conservatism?

Simple. Join!

Well, you can also join some clubs at school, volunteer in local elections, and not be afraid to speak up in class!

Is there a book by Kassy Dillon in the future?

Certainly. I am not sure when, but I’ve been thinking a lot about this. Perhaps in several years.

One final question, what is next for you? Got any new projects down the road?

I am really trying to grow That is my primary goal, but other than that I am now the State Chair of Massachusetts for Young Americans for Liberty, and I am preparing to return to Washington D.C. for an internship after this semester, and then hopefully studying abroad in Israel during the spring. This summer was amazing, and I have a feeling that this semester and next semester will top it!


That concluded our interview. Kassy Dillon has some really awesome things to say. Follow her on Twitter @KassyDillon and @LoConservative also go to Lone Conservatives Facebook to see all the updates. Also check out her YouTube Channel and her Fox Business New interview. You will not be disappointed.

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