#ThrowbackThursday – Another 14 Unforgettable Christian Songs

Remember classic contemporary Christian music from the 90s and early 21st Century? There was so much turmoil in the industry and many bands and musicians tried to either copy secular bands or just did easy listening. However, during that time, there were some pretty good songs that many do remember. I did a previous list, but here are another 14 unforgettable Christian songs from the 90s and early 2000s.

Jesus Paid It All– Kirk Franklin and The Family brought us this incredible song from their certified Platinum album Whatcha Lookin’ 4. It is an inspiring song that will bring you to your knees in prayer.

Arise My Love– Newsong gave us this classic and reverent song describing the beauty of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. It is sad because the band had a schism shortly after this song.

What If I Stumble?– dcTalk was one of the premier Christian bands and this song about hope and redemption proves it. It is beautifully written and amazingly performed by the big three.

No Monsters– Carmen was there at the forefront of Christian music from the very beginning. This song tells about what to do when you are afraid and how you have Holy Spirit inside of you to help be brave.

Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus– Audio Adrenaline gives us the whole picture about how big Jesus truly is. It is fun, catchy, and it is one that you can bob your head to as you jam.

Call On Jesus– Nicole C. Mullen has a beautiful voice. She is insanely talented and she uses it to praise our Lord and Savior. This song is powerful and powerfully delivered.

Not Ashamed– This is the song that put the newsboys on the map. Founding member Peter Furler called the album of the same name the first “real” album the band cut.

Thy Word– Amy Grant has a powerful voice and no one can deny that. With this song, she makes us want to get up and praise Jesus. It is a passionate song about God and His word.

Great Big Stupid World– This song by Randy Stonehill pokes fun at the pop culture of the 1980s and 1990s. It is a hilarious and fun song that has a few laughs all the way through until the end.

Place In This World– Michael W. Smith wrote this song for people who are struggling with confusion. It is an inspiring song that tells you that you are not alone in how you are feeling.

On My Knees– A beautiful song with a beautiful voice to go with it. Jaci Velasquez had this song on her Platinum certified album Heavenly Place. It features songs in both English and Spanish.

My Friend (So Long)– dcTalk brings us a song about a Christian musician who no longer says, “Jesus is the way.” It is a great song calling out people who abandon Christ in pursuit of their own careers.

BreakfastGoing Public (which had Shine) was a hard act to follow, but the newsboys did their best with Take Me To Your Leader, which has the song that declares, “They don’t serve breakfast in Hell.”

Not Home Yet– Steven Curtis Chapman always has a way of playing at your heart strings. With these lyrics, he reminds us that our real home is in Heaven with God. It is a soft, sweet song.

Did I remind you of any of your favorite old school Christian songs? Let me know by commenting below and be sure to subscribe for more Throwback Thursday articles.

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