My Top 10 Transformers Forms For Megatron

The Transformers were a well-known staple of Saturday morning cartoons. While the show had an array of excellent characters, very few villains brought more terror to the science fiction franchise than the leader of the evil Decepticons, known other than Megatron. Throughout the years, he has several different forms when battling Optimus Prime and the heroic Autobots. Here are my Top 10 Megatron Forms In Transformers:

10. Galvatron

TF Wiki

In the original Transformers: The Movie, the Decepticon leader got a makeover thanks to the powerful Unicron, turning him into a more powerful and dangerous villain who was originally voiced by the legendary Leonard Nimoy.

09. GT

TF Wiki

This Megatron sported a minimalist-style choosing to transform into a car instead of a gun, cannon, or tank. However, he still had the iconic arm-laser that he drew on any Autobot.

08. Shattered Glass

TF Wiki

In a future that might have been, Megatron is the leader of the heroic Decepticons, who fight against the tyranny of the evil Autobots to free Cybertron from their clutches.

07. Armada

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In the kickoff to the “Unicron Trilogy,” Megatron takes the form of a tank, reminiscent of his Generation 2 form, though this one is much more ferocious and powerful.

06. Movie

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In the Michael Bay-directed film, Megatron had been captured by the humans and frozen deep beneath Hoover Dam where he is freed by Star Scream. From there, he does battle against Optimus Prime.

05. Beast Wars

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Named after the original tyrant, the Predacon leader is devious and cunning, hoping to alter the future so that the Decepticons win the Great War.

04. Dragon

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The evil Predacon leader is a six-changer who is powerful enough to fight several Autobot at once, seemingly to even fight Optimus Prime in his battle mode with ease. He planned to steal Earth’s energy but ended trying to steal Fortress Maximus instead.

03. Animated

TF Wiki

He is a brutal and ruthless tyrant who is so powerful, he shrugged off an attack from five Autobots at once with ease before dispatching Star Scream, who betrayed him.

02. Generation One

TF Wiki

Megatron, voiced by Frank Welker, is a merciless and sadistic tyrant who will stop at nothing to conquer Cybertron, even destroying the Earth in the process. He managed to kill Optimus Prime, but only because he managed to take a hostage.

01. Aligned Continuity

TF Wiki

In Transformers: Prime, Megatron and Optimus Prime were friends who worked for a better Cybertron until Optimus was chosen to receive the Matrix of Leadership. After that Megatron, also voiced by Frank Welker, formed the Decepticons to take over the Transformers by force.

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