Who Killed Bruce Wayne’s Parents

Batman Day is one week away and I’ve got something big planned for that day, but in advanced, I wanted to show you something.

If I was to ask you, who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents Thomas and Martha, what would your answer be? You would puff up your chest and say, “Why, Joe Chill did, of course!”

According to the New 52, The Dark Knight trilogy standards, and early writings, you would be correct. However, in previous DC Comics storylines, this was not always the case.

We’re going to take a look at some of the other suspects that the comic books and films have touched on.

Jack Knapier- In Tim Burton’s film Batman, hitman Jack Knapier (played by Jack Nicholson) murdered Bruce Wayne’s parents right in front of him. When Knapier would become the Joker, Wayne would recognize him from a phrase he said on that fateful night in crime alley.

Lew Moxon- In most continuities, Moxon hired Chill to kill Thomas Wayne. However, Moxon was briefly the chief suspect. Batman asked one of his subordinates years later if he was involved. When the subordinate said no, Batman left, and the man placed his face in his hands and said, “Thank god!”

Jack Corban- The Superman villain known as Metallo was considered a person of interest to the Dark Knight during the Batman/Superman series Public Enemies. Shortly after the murders, Corban had arrived in Metropolis with a gun of the same caliber that killed the Waynes. The story is no longer canon.

Unknown Gunman- For several years in the 90s and early 2000s, a whole generation of readers did not know who the killer was. This what led to Batman’s obsession with fighting crime in Gotham City. He was always trying to find his parent’s killer. Batman Earth One has used this recently.

While different writers experimented with different ideas, these four are the most common. Did I miss any? Leave me a comment and tell what you think. Don’t forget to subscribe for more pop culture and comic book articles!


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