#ThrowbackThursday – Going To The Movie Rental Store

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When I was growing up, there were no streaming websites like Hulu or Netflix. Films could not be instantly downloaded from some online source.

When I was growing up in the 1990s, you actually had to get off your butt and go somewhere to find a movie. If you were unsure whether you wanted to buy it or not, you could somewhere to rent it. That place was a movie rental store.

They went by many names, but the two largest were Blockbuster and Hollywood. They had racks of movies stacked similarly to how a library packs books onto a shelf.

They had every kind of genre you could imagine: science fiction, fantasy, horror, action, adventure, family, documentary, foreign films, and even television shows, oh yeah.

If you wanted a new film, they usually had a special wall that was filled with all of the new releases.

However, when YouTube began to allow you to rent movies, someone had a bright idea. That idea was Hulu and Netflix which allows you to stream the movies you want on the internet. Later, RedBox came along which allows you to pick one up for a buck. This is fine and convenient, however, it lacks the fun that was shopping for movies.

You could go with a group of friends or with your family to pick out a film. Most sold snacks and drinks that you could buy along with your rental.

Get this, if the film you wanted was unavailable, you had to *gasp* rent another one. Believe me, it was not as horrible as you think.

Back in the good ol’ days, movie watching was a complete experience that you shared with your family and friends. I’m not saying streaming sites prevent you from watching something together, but it definitely takes away from the time you spent with the people you love and love to hang out with.

Remember that next time you are choosing a movie to watch with your family or friends.

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