Movie Review Flashback- Top Dog

Starring action star Chuck Norris and directed by his brother Aaron Norris, Top Dog is an action comedy that jumped on the bandwagon of buddy cop films and dog comedies. It also stars Michele Lamar Richards, Erik von Detten, Carmine Caridi, Clyde Kusatsu, Kai Wulff, Peter Savard Moore, Timothy Bottoms, among others.

Sgt. Lou Swanson and his canine partner Reno are investigating the bombing of an apartment complex. After trailing some suspects, he ends up at a boat house where he is murdered by a group of white supremacists, though Reno escapes.

Detective Jake Wilder is called into action by Captain Ken Callahan (who also wants to run for mayor) and is forced to work with Reno to solve the murder of Lou and his original bombing case. Matthew, Lou’s grandson, is intent on helping out by taking care of Reno.

Wilder is soon challenged by the group as more explosives are brought into the city. It is a race against time to radical racist group before it’s too late.

The film debuted in poor timing eight days after the Oklahoma City bombing. An action comedy about a terrorist bombing was not a good idea at the time. Despite this, it was number 8 at the box office. Of course, the critics hated it. What else is new?

Even though its delivery was in poor taste, the film is actually pretty good. Chuck Norris (who was starring in Walker, Texas Ranger at the time) returned to his roots as a hard boiled police officer. His relationship with Reno is pretty funny as he navigates the case. Top Dog is one of the most underrated action comedies to come out in the 90s.

FAVORITE QUOTE: You’re under arrest, Bozo.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence and Foul Language

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