“Hopeful” Universalism Is A Cop-Out

CI Universalism 01

Proverbs 3:5- Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.

I had the privilege of wasting my time the other day. I was reading an article from a Christian author that I had previously respected. He and I had some disagreements on eschatology, but I still thought he was a good source of information especially in regards to free will and the will of God. 
However, I read an article from him that greatly disturbed me.
He was talking about hyper-grace otherwise known as “universalism.” It basically says that you do not need Jesus Christ because everyone is going to Heaven no matter what. It is a lovely thought, but it goes against everything the Bible says about Heaven and Hell.
My friend says while he does not believe universalism is true and even admitted that there is no Biblical evidence of this, he stated he is “hopeful” that it is true.
In other words, you do not trust God enough to believe in His justice, grace, and mercy.
When you are hopeful that something is more true than the very words of God, then you are lacking trust in God Himself. Despite the excuse that it is a matter of interpretation (my friend even wrote there is no way that is possible), he still insisted he was “hopeful.”
This is the ultimate cop-out in not trusting God. It is dangerous and it is cowardly. We should trust in God and sometimes we do not understand why He does the things He does, but He is the Creator and I trust in Him.
I worry that soon my friend will be posting that he has gone the way of others who deny the supremacy of the Bible, salvation through Christ, morality, and other fundamentals of Christianity.
We have to stand tall and firm in the truth of our faith or we are going to fall apart.

That is my opinion and I welcome yours. Comment below and be sure to subscribe for upcoming Christian Inspiration articles. 

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