#amreading- Liberty’s Last Stand

Liberty's Last Stand Stephen Coonts

Liberty’s Last Stand by Stephen Coonts continues his Jake Grafton & Tommy Carmellini Series. It tells the story of a fictional President of the United States declaring martial law and suspending civil liberties and arresting political enemies.

When he does this, the state government of Texas has enough and declares independence. To maintain control, the President tries all sorts of tactics to bring them down, but soon Oklahoma, Utah, and Hawaii feel the independence itch.  With players in the background, can Texas truly maintain liberty or will the tyrannical president continue to laugh in the faces of those who have had enough?

While very political in nature, Liberty’s Last Stand is a brave and bold look at a possible United States of America if it continues going down the path it is on. It is filled with thrills, intrigue, war games, and everything in between. Pick up your copy for an exciting adventure.

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