#ThrowbackThursday Texas Edition Part 4: Best Sports Win

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Everyone has there favorite sports teams, but honestly, none have the comeback power that Texas teams do. Today on Throwback Thursday, I am hitting you with the Best Sports Wins from the Lone Star State. Now, all these are in my lifetime.

2007, San Antonio Stars VS. Sacramento Monarchs– The Silver Stars (as they were known then), made it to the finals for the first time by beating the Monarchs 2-1. Though they would later be eliminated from the WNBA Finals, it was a great game.

2011, Houston Texans VS. Cincinnati Bengals– In the wild card round, the Texans won their first NFL playoff game against the Bengals 31-10.

1999, Dallas Stars VS. Buffalo Sabres– The Stars defeated the Sabres in the NHL Stanley Cup finals with a game score of 4-2.

2014, San Antonio Spurs VS. Miami Heat– The Spurs took on the great Lebron James and crushed the heat in a stunning 4-1 NBA Finals win after being humiliated by the Heat in the previous season.

2005, Houston Astros VS. St. Louis Cardinals– Nothing was going to stop the Astros from going to the MLB World Series. They took on STL and won the National League Championship. Though they lost the World Series, it was still a good victory.

2007, Dallas Cowboys VS. Buffalo Bills– Tony Romo is the worst quarterback in Cowboys history with the NFL. However, he managed to get the Cowboys in field goal range with just seconds on the clock. Kicker Nick Folk saved the day with a 53 yard field goal for a 25-24 victory.

2007, The Houston Enforcers VS. Miami Force– The now defunct World Combat League saw the Houston Enforcers against the Miami Force in full contact Martial Arts. Houston won 139-131.

2010, Texas Rangers VS. New York Yankees– Though they would go on to loose the MLB World Series, the Rangers defeated the heavily favored Yankees for the ALC Pendant 4-2.

1994, Houston Rockets VS. New York Knicks– After a contentious NBA Finals, the Rockets pulled out a win against the favored NY franchise 4-3. They would win again the next year during the so-called “Bull Dynasty.”

2011, Dallas Mavericks VS. Miami Heat– After the Heat basically cheated to get the NBA all-stars, the Dallas Mavericks crushed them and the so-called great Lebron James for a 4-2 Finals victory.

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