Best Walker, Texas Ranger Villains Season by Season

Walker Texas Ranger Chuck Norris

Walker, Texas Ranger is my all-time favorite show. Starring Chuck Norris, Sheree J. Wilson, Clarence Gilyard, Noble Willingham, Nia Peeples, Judson Mills, and Floyd Westerman, it redefined the action/cop drama. Previously, I did an article on my favorite episodes. Today, I thought I’d bring you my favorite villains. Now, the “pilot season” had three episodes that aired as TV specials on CBS before the show got a greenlight. To avoid confusion, I’m combining season one with the pilot season. Here is my list of best Walker, Texas Ranger villains season by season.

Season One

  • Orson Wade (Marshall Teague)– This former black-ops CIA Agent decided to rob four banks at once in One Riot, One Ranger the pilot episode. He was incredibly brilliant, posing as a blind man to survey the banks.
  • Samuel J. Bodine (Sam B. Jones)– A failed Ranger candidate comes after Walker in Unfinished Business. He’s an obsessed sociopath who wants to prove he was better lawman than the Texas Rangers.
  • Kurt Nypo (Jeff Kober)– A violent drug dealer is abusing his girlfriend and her teen son. Walker connects with the son, but deals with the drug dealer in Something In The Shadows.

Season Two

  • Victor LaRue (Wayne Pére)– First appearing in Cowboy, LaRue would become one of two recurring villains in the series. He is a violent psychopath who has an obsession with Walker and his friend Alex Cahill.
  • Philippe Brouchard (Robin Sachs)– Walker meets his opposite number with this European assassin who’s trying to kill a Mexican presidential candidate in Standoff. Originally, this episode aired as a TV movie.

Season Three

  • Running Wolf (Billy Drago)– A vengeful medicine man is using magic in killing off company men who are desecrating a Comanche burial ground. Evil In The Night is one of the darkest episode.
  • Max Slater (John Vernon)- Final Justice features Walker going after the man who murdered his parents. It is one of the best episodes I have ever seen. Slater is the embodiment of evil and he is played by a veteran actor who has since passed away.
  • Brad Furnell (Patrick St. Esprit)– In Juggernaut, an abusive husband chases his wife to a retreat for battered women and threatens them. Walker is on his way, but can the women make it in time?

Season Four

  • Vince Pike (Leon Rippy)– In Days Past, Walker goes after the man who had killed his fiancee. This villain is after Walker and they both run into a head on collision when he targets Walker’s friends.
  • Bill Douglas (Brady Coleman)- Sons of Thunder has Walker searching for a cop serial killer who is looking for revenge against the cops that testified against him. Things get personal when Ranger James Trivette is shot as well.

Season Five

  • Dr. Janet Monroe (Gail Strickland)– A female doctor is torturing and experimenting on elderly people in their hospice center. CD goes undercover to stop them and ends up allying with a fellow patient in Forgotten People.
  • Kroeger (Sal Landi)- In God’s Hand, Trivette is accused of shooting and seriously injuring a young boy. However, Walker sets out to prove the man Trivette was chasing shot the boy.
  • Stan Gorman (RD Call)– A radical racist group is targeting a diverse church and begans to harrass a neighborhood. The Soul of Winter is one of my favorite episodes. It really shows great values.

Season Six

  • Roger Dansfield (Luke Askew)– Played by a veteran actor, a greedy factory owner is poisoning a Cherokee tribe’s water in War Cry. Walker tries to prevent vigilante justice and get to the bottom of the crime.
  • Sheriff Bell (Lee Majors)- On The Border has a corrupt sheriff running drugs and attempting to kill a young man who he tried to intimidate into being a mule. The young man happens to be a friend of Walker.

Season Seven

  • Brock and Ringo Washburn (Rick Cramer & Erik Estrada)- The Lynn Sisters stars the singers as themselves who are kidnapped by two brothers who want to make a snuff film as the singer’s last music video.
  • Warden Kyle (Charles Napier)– A corrupt warden in Arkansas is hosting illegal fights and making money on the internet. Walker, Trivette, and Gage go undercover to stop him in Fight Or Die.
  • Cliff Eagleton (David Keith)– Guest starring Sammo Hung, The Day of Cleansing features a white nationalist who plans a terrorist attack somewhere in Texas.

Season Eight

The Chairman (Michael Ironside)– This four part episode story arc featured a criminal mastermind hacking into the federal government and killing off witnesses who are testifying against mob bosses.

McNeely (Nick Chinlund)– In 6 Hours, a billionaire’s daughter is kidnapped by her bodyguard and threatens to kill her live on the internet. Walker and his team are in a race against time to find him.

Those are my favorite villains from Walker, Texas Ranger. I would like to note that the finale The Last Show/Down had many actors who had played various roles in the series as a gang that wants revenge on the Texas Rangers.

What do you think? What’re your favorite villains of the hit show? Let me know in the comments below. While you are at it, check out my post on the Official Chuck Norris Facts And Stories. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more posts like this one.

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  1. I kind of liked some of them, but for, ehhhh, the villains (and the show in general) were just so full of themselves. Every single one of them was a generic villain, only motivated by greed, drugs, racism, or sex, or just for the fun of it. And every single one of them is either a psychopath or a sociopath. I would’ve liked to have seen a villain with real character to him. Someone with tragedy and real motivation. Take Bodine, for example. He became a villain because his dreams (and ego) were crushed. He would make a much better villain (or in his case, an anti-hero) if he had some tragic backstory to him. Or any backstory at all. I still have my own favorites, such as LaRue (someone as big as him, should have some backstory as well), and the mercenary from The Avenger (way more character), and Brouchard, because those guys (except for LaRue) are smart and cunning. Not just tough guys who want to show how bad they are, and they can actually hold their own against Walker for a while. Every other villain just gets mad and impatient, and can’t hold themselves accountable for anything.

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