Classic Film Review- Lone Wolf McQuade

Lone Wolf McQuade DVD

Some may take offense at me labeling this a “classic.” Get over it. Lone Wolf McQuade is one of Chuck Norris’ best films. It is directed by Steve Carver (who also directed Norris’ film An Eye For An Eye). It co-stars David Carradine, Barbara Carrera, L.Q. Jones, R.G. Armstrong, Leon Isaac Kennedy, Robert Beltran, and a handful of others. 

Before he played Cordell Walker in Walker, Texas Ranger, he was JJ McQuade. He’s a former Marine turned Texas Ranger who is rough and tumble. After saving some State Troopers from a violent gang, he attends the retirement party of fellow Ranger Dakota. Though divorced, he is on good terms on with his ex-wife and daughter, who is engaged to a US Army recruit. 

After saving a woman named Lola saves his daughter from a runaway horse, he is invited to party hosted by Rawley Wilkes, a Martial Arts expert. 

Sally and her fiancee witness an arms deal led by Wilkes. Her fiancee is killed and he is put in the hospital. McQuade declares war on Wilkes who has been hijacking arms shipments from the army. The FBI gets involved, but almost get McQuade and his partner Kayo Ramos. 

From there, McQuade tracks Wilkes and it leads to an epic showdown between two Martial Artists. 

This was the 80s, so some of the acting is a little corny. However, the story, plot, and characters are all well developed. The final fight between Chuck Norris (McQuade) and David Carradine (Wilkes) is truly epic. I found out that the original script had Wilkes character have his neck broken by McQuade, channeling how Chuck Norris’ character was killed in the Bruce Lee film Way of the Dragon. Carradine protested and the ending was altered. 

FAVORITE QUOTE: My kind of trouble doesn’t take vacations. 

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Sexual innuendo, Foul Language, Much Violence

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