TV Franchises That Need A Texas Spin-Off

Sons of Anarchy SAMTEX

There are so many great television franchises these days. Television channels have everything from spies, to law enforcement, legal thrillers, dramas, and a whole host of shows that exist in one universe, but have a different set of actors and characters.  Of course, it would be hard to transfer some of the values of the coasts onto the Lone Star State. It would still be cool to see, however. Here is my list of TV Franchises That Need A Texas Spin-Off.

Law & Order: Dallas- Dallas would be the perfect setting for a spin-off. It has nearby cities Arlington and Fort Worth, so there is three large cities where the crimes could be committed. The prosecutors could work with the Dallas PD or with the Texas Rangers to solve crimes and try cases. 

Marvel’s The Rangers- A spin-off of Agents of SHIELD or maybe a Netflix series this follows a group of Marvel superheroes who are based in Texas. The original comic series features little known Marvel heroes: Firebird, Phantom Rider, Red Wolf, Shooting Star, and Texas Twister. They could battle evil organizations like the Sons of the Serpent to avoid crossover.

NCIS Corpus Christie- The Naval Criminal Investigative Service would make a great addition on the Gulf Coast. It could crossover with NCIS: New Orleans at least a couple of times a season. Part of the story could be to show the rivalry between Texas and Louisiana. 

CSI: Houston- They have a New York City spin-off, why not Houston? The city has a great culture full of excitement. It would be neat to see a story about the crime scene investigation unit full of country boys who have run in with the elite white collar criminals who think they are morons, but then get caught. 

Battle The Walking Dead- The Walking Dead had a Los Angeles spin-off Fear The Walking Dead. While it is interesting, why not have a show about a group of Texans fighting the zombies? It would be the original cast on steroids as they battle to hold their homes in the Lone Star State. 

Blue Beetle- Jaime Reyes is the third superhero known as the Blue Beetle. He has worked with the Teen Titans and Young Justice. He is one of the few superheroes in the DC Comics universe based in Texas. It would be cool to see him showdown with some villains. He could be spun-off from the Arrowverse. 

Sons of Anarchy: SAMTEX- Take it far away from the drama of Charming, California and show us another outlaw motorcycle gang. Their president could be disgusted with what happened to Jax and he moves the club away from the politics so he can ride free in the Texas desert. 

That is my list of television franchises that need a Texas spin-off. Do you have any? Comment below and subscribe because August is Texas month. 

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