Movie Review Flashback- Texas Killing Fields

Texas Killing Fields

This 2011 film takes a look on the I-45 corridor between Houston and Galveston, Texas. Law Enforcement Officials found a “killing field” where they found dozens of bodies buried in the swamps there. From that story came a book and from that book came the film Texas Killing Fields. The movie is directed by Ami Canaan Mann and stars Sam Worthington, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jessica Chastain, and Chlöe Grace Moretz. 

Homicide detectives Mike and Brian are investigating some disappearances in their home town. Mike, meanwhile, keeps an eye on a pre-teen girl, Anne, who is being neglected by her white trash family. Brian’s ex-wife Pam, a law enforcement officer in the next county gives them a tip that she found some bodies in the I-45 corridor. 

Pam thinks it is the work of a single killer while Mike and Brian seem to brush it off as a good place to hide the body. As the case builds, so does the tension between Brian and Pam and between Mike and Brian as disagreements over how the investigation should proceed and what it means. Little do they know that a killer is lurking in their small town and he has set his sights on Anne. 

The film shows a lot of historical inaccuracies to build up the drama. Local detectives found no evidence a single killer was involved in the murders. That being said, it is a great thriller with some amazing twists and turns. I will say, they telegraph who the murder is way too early. It eliminated a lot of the suspense, but the drama carried the rest of the film. 


PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence and strong language

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