Movie Review Flashback- Glory Road

Glory Road

Glory Road is American sports film directed by James Gartner, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. The sports drama stars Josh Lucas, Derek Luke, Austin Nichols, Jon Voight, Evan Jones, Sam Jones III, Emily Deschanel, Al Shearer, Wilbur Fitzgerald, Damaine Radcliff, and a whole host of other characters.

Though released in 2006, the film is based on a book by the same titled written by Texas Western University in El Paso coach Don Haskins who led the university’s basketball team to victory in 1966. The story is not about the victory itself, but by the fact that he was the first NCAA basketball coach to play all African-Americans. 

The movie follows Coach Haskins who takes over the college basketball team in El Paso. He wants to play, but he has a shortage of funds and is having trouble with recruitment. He and his assistant decide to think outside the box on their recruitment. That leads them to draft several African-American team members. 

At first, the racial divide among the team itself is very clear as the Caucasian and Mexican students look down on their fellow teammates, but after working with them during the season, they come together. They face hostile reporters, coaches, players, and even parents, but they come together to win a championship.

While the film takes some liberties with history, it does show an amazing movie about how people who are different can come together for a common goal. It is just as inspiring as Remember The Titans.

FAVORITE QUOTE: You’ll play basketball my way. My way is hard. 

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Several thematic elements related to racial events, sports violence, foul language

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