8 Questions The Gilmore Girls Reunion Need To Answer


Today is my wife’s birthday and so I decided to do an article about something she liked. Growing up, she was a fan of Gilmore Girls starring Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel. She is not one of the weak kneed SJWs who watched it in one night on Netflix, she actually watched it while it was on TV. Recently, a miniseries titled Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life miniseries reunion was announced to be coming to Netflix in 2017. I asked my wife what she would like to see in the upcoming reunion so here are 8 Questions The Gilmore Girls Reunion Need To Answer.

1. Are Luke and Lorelai married? We all know they got back together at the last possible moment before the series ended giving us maybe 5 seconds of happiness after stringing our hearts along with their on and off again relationship for years. It was only somewhat satisfying because it still left so many things up for question. Did they get married or just stay together? If not, will they be getting married during the new episodes? Did Luke move into Lorelai’s house? I am looking forward to listening to their banter once again. It was always so entertaining watching her irritate Luke with her babble and him eventually relent because he loves her more than anything even if he wants to duct tape her mouth shut.

2. What happened with Lane and Zach’s music career? Since Hep Alien was “paused” while the members pursued other areas of life, like Lane and Zach having the twins, Steve and Kwon (still laughing at the name differences by the way), and Zach going on tour with Vapor Rub to be their lead guitarist. Did that lead somewhere his music career launch separately? Did the band get back together and become successful, or do they just play occasionally for good times?

3. Is Kirk still working various disturbingly odd jobs or did he settle down with Lulu? We all know she was the best thing that ever happened to him. I always pictured them living in a nice home (with all the money he stocked up) and his mom living in one of the rooms with him turning his living room into a new business every other week.

4. Is Taylor still the town selectman? Jackson took up the title for an extremely short time and then Taylor took it over again. I think everyone pictures him trying to control everything in the town till the day he dies.

5. Where is Rory working? Where she would end up in her career seemed to be a big question the last season. She gave up her relationship with Logan to keep on her career path. Is she in New York or a different city? Is she working at a news office or is she a traveling journalist like she had dreamed about in high school?

6. Is April still around or is she off doing her own thing hopefully far, far away? It’s no secret that her character was not a fan favorite. I’ve heard some say they liked her character, while I was part of the majority who couldn’t stand her. I know she was just a kid, but her whole story-line with being one of the main factors of Luke and Lorelai’s breakup didn’t set her up to be liked very well. It was neat to see Luke be a dad and a good dad. However, even with he and Aprils good father daughter relationship, it was still hard to like her after the split between him and Lorelai.

7. Is Miss Patty still teaching Dance? And telling stories of her wild days and multiple husbands?

8. I think one of the biggest questions fans have, is who does Rory end up with? Will she have a boyfriend, or is she just focusing on her career? Will she end up with one of the 3 fan favorites- Dean, Logan or Jess, or will she be with someone else if anyone at all?

I found Logan to be to unstable and occasionally manipulative and arrogant. He could be very sweet at times but their relationship was so up and down I liked him one episode and hated him the next. Rory is a sweet person, but I always got the vibe that she was only with Logan because they would travel the world together like she always dreamed. If he was poor would she still want to be with him? Dean was a great first boyfriend, he was perfectly sweet and caring and protective.

However, he turned into a bitter man after him cheating on his wife with Rory and then their relationship becoming unhealthy and not even working out. I don’t see how that would be any different now.

I might be in the minority, but I personally always hoped that she would end up with Jess. When his character first showed up I didn’t like him, but the more his character developed and matured into a good man the more I liked him. By the time of his guest appearances, I seriously wanted Rory to dump Logan and be with Jess. He encouraged her to be herself, to pursue her dreams and helped her remember what is really important in life. Even if they don’t end up together (Which I seriously hope they do) I at least want to see him successful and happy in life.

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