My Favorite TV Lawyers

01 My favorite TV lawyers

I know lawyers personally. We tend to think of them as slimy or as hustlers. Most of the ones I know, they are clever and intelligent, but slimy, definitely not. However, television loves to exaggerate or make them overly heroic. Some of these TV lawyers are very eccentric in their thinking and shrewd, and yes, some are of a little suspect. Sometimes we are cheering for them and other times, we hope they are tried themselves. Here is a list of my favorite TV lawyers. 

Perry Mason- Portrayed by Raymond Burr and based on a character created by Erle Stanley Garner, we always knew his client was innocent, but the “whodunit” kept our attention on Perry Mason. A confession or new evidence would always solve the day. Sometimes, the villain would only have a cameo before it came to light. 

Alex Cahill-Walker- A main character from Walker, Texas Ranger and played Sheree J. Wilson, she is a brilliant prosecutor. She has been kidnapped, held hostage, beaten, sexually assaulted, and later shot. However, no matter what, she always brings justice to whatever bad guy she is prosecuting. 

Sebastian Shark- I don’t know why CBS canceled the legal drama Shark. James Woods portrayed Stark, a former defense attorney who joins the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office. He applies his unorthodox methods to the prosecution’s table. 

Aaron Reagan- Blue Bloods shows Bridget Moynahan playing the lone daughter of a family of police officers. She is an assistant district attorney who holds her brothers’ feet to fire when it comes to obeying the law. Sometimes, they do the same when it comes to justice. 

Larry Paul- Portrayed by Robert Downey, Jr. in season four of Ally McBeal, he was a brilliant attorney who falls in love with the main character. A couple of times, he had to challenge McBeal’s law firm Cage and Fish. He really brought a bright light to the show and it was a shame to see him go. 

Aaron Mosley- Played by D.B. Woodside and introduced in the second season of Murder One, he starts out as a public defender, but is hired by Wilder and Associates by the new lead partner Jimmy Wilder. He helps in the successful defense of guilty celebrity.

Ben Matlock- When were white suits ever a thing? Southern lawyer Ben Matlock, portrayed by Andy Griffith, used Southern charm and wit to help him win his cases on the hit series Matlock. He often clashed with elite lawyers from various backgrounds and sometimes defended clients who were obviously guilty. 

That is my list of favorite TV lawyers. Did I miss any of yours? Comment below and be sure to subscribe for more entertainment and pop culture articles like this one. 

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