Documentary Review- Hillary’s America


Dinesh D’Souza has become a Conservative filmmaker whose previous documentary, America: Imagine The World Without Her and Obama 2016, brings us his next project Hillary’s America who produced it with Gerald R. Molen as involved with Schindler’s List and Jurassic Park.

Dinesh D’Souza reenacts the end of his trial, his sentencing, and his time in a community confinement center. While he is in prison for campaign finance laws, he is locked away with violent offenders. One of the most powerful scenes is, when he is asking other prisoners why they are locked up, they all give typical anti-social behavior. When they ask why he is in, his reply is that he gave too much money to a friend’s political campaign, and they laugh in his face. 

From his time there, he learns that the criminals there consider themselves the “stupid criminals.” They got caught because somewhere along the way, their con fell through. All crime is related to stealing they tell Dinesh. It occurs to the bestselling author that maybe there are smarter criminals out there who want to steal America. 

After he gets out, he visits the Democratic Party National Headquarters and approaches a dark room. From there, he begins to take us through the history of the Democratic Party. He begins with President Andrew Jackson who is responsible for the Trail of Tears, to Woodrow Wilson who is responsible for segregating the Army, and with many in between until he gets to the main subject Hillary Clinton. 

He describes her mentor leftist agitator Saul Alinsky and the influence he wielded over her. From him to her marriage to Bill Clinton, and beyond. It is a sobering look at a party that claims it is for the little person and their nominee. 

It was truly an eye-opening documentary. It really makes you wonder about the revisionist history and how a party steeped in such a dark history could have survived for so long. The effects, the reenactments, the music, everything about it was amazing. 

The only thing I wished is Dinesh D’Souza could have put more in it. He did not mention Clinton being fired from the Watergate Committee, Vince Foster, and barely glossed over the fact she and Bill looted the White House when they left in 2001. The mainstream media have been criticizing it for being a conspiratorial documentary, but it does not present any conspiracies whatsoever. In fact, it goes out of its way to avoid it. It presents the facts, I’ll admit in a grandiose fashion but facts nonetheless, and lets the viewer decide. 

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Some thematic elements

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