#ThrowbackThursday – 9 Young Adult Mystery Novel Series 90s Kids Know


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When I was a kid turned teen turned young adult, I loved a good mystery. I would go along with the detectives or adventurers to try to find out who the bad guy was and how he or she committed the crime. Both my sister and I read through some of these great books. Here are 9 Young Adult Mystery Novel Series 90s Kids Know.

The Nancy Drew Files- Showing an older, more mature Nancy Drew, this book series was targeted at teens who love suspense. It featured some of your favorite characters characters and though they were not written by the original creator, they had some pretty good stories. 

The Hardy Boys Casefiles- You can’t mention Nancy Drew without the Hardy brothers Frank and Joe. Though this series started in the late 80s, it’s stories carried on into the 90s with the brothers going up against some very dangerous foes. Like Nancy Drew, this series was written by various authors. 

The Cooper Kids Adventures Series- Frank Peretti is one of the greatest Christian fiction writers of our day. He did a series for kids about a brother and sister, Jay and Lila Cooper, who aided their archaeologist father on many adventures that took them around the world.  

Clue- Based on the board game of the same thing, these novels follow the suspects to figure out who killed Mr. Body. Though he would always turn up alive in the first chapter of the next book (except the last). I always wondered how Mr. Body had such terrible friends. 

The Boxcar Children- Gertrude Chandler Warner wrote 19 mysteries in the 70s, but the series was revived in the 90s. It had five siblings who traveled with their grandfather and meeting their extended family all the while solving mysteries along the way. 

Baker Street Mysteries- Jake and Luke Thoene wrote these Sherlock Holmes stories, but made the Baker Street Irregulars the main characters. Holmes would send them into the streets to find clues to help him solve such great mysteries as The Giant Rat of Sumatra

Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys SuperMystery Series- It was the ultimate crime solver crossover. Joe and Frank Hardy would join Nancy Drew in solving some of the coolest mysteries of the 90s. While Nancy was the main character, it was still cool to see the young sleuths team-up. 

Cam Jansen- Written by David A. Adler, this series followed a fifth grader named Jennifer “Cam” Jansen and her best friend Eric. She is nicknamed for her photographic memory. The series saw her solving mysteries for her and her classmates. 

Adventures in Odyssey- Based on the radio dramas by Focus on the Family, Paul McCusker brought the character to life not by voice, but by these novellas. Some were mystery, some moral dilemmas, and others were just plain dramas. 

That is my list of favorite mystery series of the 90s. Did I miss any of yours? Comment below and be sure to subscribe for more Throwback Thursday articles and humor. 

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