Worst Superhero Movies Part 1

Worst Superhero Movies

Let’s be honest, not every superhero film is a Captain America: Civil War or The Dark Knight Rises, some of them are dumb, awful, or just plain bad. Everything from casting to story to directing to special effects, they were put together like an 80s B-Movie. Here’s my list of Worst Superhero Movies.

Batman and Robin- Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way. George Clooney is one of the most overrated actors of all time and here is the proof. This film made the 60s Batman movie look Academy Award worthy. From the cast, the cheesy dialogue, to the story in general is pretty awful.

Daredevil- When this film came out, it was the worst film of the year, and that includes the terrible Disney sequels. Ben Affleck was a terrible Matt Murdock and Jennifer Garner’s origin as Elektra, seriously? If I had seen it when I was twelve, I might have liked it.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army- While the first one was interesting enough to nod and say: oh okay, a sequel. However, the sequel, wow having great special effects and potential, ended up being such a bore. Also, the actors had no chemistry. Love stories felt forced and the plot felt like it was being made up as it went along.

The Watchmen- The graphic novel is terrible in itself. I never got what the big deal about it was. It was alternate history, big deal. However, people demanded a film and Zack Snyder did what he does best and filled it with CGI and gore. I will say, the fight scene were pretty cool.

Hulk- Director Ang Lee took the story of Bruce Banner and turned it into a soap opera. It was slow, long, and boring. It is hard to believe that Kevin Feige, who oversees Marvel Studios, produced this film. I guess it goes to show you that everyone makes mistakes every now and then.

Superman IV: Quest For Peace- Christopher Reeves is the best Clark Kent and Superman, but this film falls flat on so many levels. It took the camp of Superman III and expanded it. It turned a great franchise and made it into a snooze environmental film.

Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD- David Hasselhoff aka David Hoff portrayed this campy 80s version of the original Nick Fury taking on HYDRA, yet it came out in 1998. It took very little inspiration from the comic book it was based on. Even Arnim Zola was nothing but a caricature of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s version.

Supergirl- Many people blame this film’s failure on the fact that this film had a female lead. Clearly, they have never watched the film. DC Comics was trying to bank on the success of the first Superman film, but this spin-off made absolutely no sense. It had so many plot holes, you could throw bean bags through them.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance- The only thing that was better than the first one was the fact that the flaming skull looked more realistic. Everything else was a basically a letter on what not to do in a superhero movie. At least Nicholas Cage dropped the fake Southern accent.

Judge Dredd- You can tell the people who made this film knew nothing about the source material it was based on. They had never picked up an issue of a comic book and poor Sylvester Stallone got caught up in the middle of it. Everything came across as fake and/or boring. 

That is my list of Worst Superhero Movies. Don’t worry if you think I am missing a few, because Part 2 will be here soon. That’s why you should subscribe for more pop culture articles like this one.

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