Christian Inspirations: All Myself, Thanks To Jesus

01 Christian Inspiration

Many people are puzzled by the fact that I am a Christian. How can I put my faith in something that on the surface is just another religion that follows a great prophet, in Christianity’s case Jesus Christ? I do believe that Jesus is God, He is one with God the Father and Holy Spirit.

It is true that Christianity is a religion, but it is so much more, it is a relationship. It is the most perfect relationship there is. It is a relationship built on not just blind faith, but on freedom.

When I live with my faith that Jesus Christ is my Savior, I do live more freely. I know that sounds puzzling, but it is true. When I was away from my faith, I felt like I had to perform and just go along to get along. That is not freedom or liberty, that is conformity.

However, Jesus Christ shows me that I can be all myself. He empowers who I am and brings me to greater and mightier things. My dreams, He wants to fulfill and then give me bigger ones. Why? Because He does not want a servant, He wants a brother.

Yes, He has placed a call on my life, but it is always in step with my desires. He never gives me more than I am able to handle and He is always there for me when I need a friend.

Freedom came when I gave it all away. That might sound upside down, but for my life, it is truth.

That is my story and I would love to hear yours. Comment below and do not forget to subscribe for more Christian Inspiration articles like this one.

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