Finding Your Writing Spot


Where is your writing spot?

That is a funny question, I know, but every author has one. 

You go there to sit quietly to write your books, outlines, or even just to daydream about becoming a published author complete with a hardcover first edition.

I use to have one. When I was a marketing associate, I would take my lunch breaks at a nearby local library where I would write away. It is where I finished my fifth draft of my novel and then started two more which I am still working on currently.

It had everything a writer could want. It had the perfect ambiance, the smell of old books, friendly librarians ready to help you find something for research, and absolutely no distractions. Everything was centered on being a reader or a write and I had so much fun writing there.

When I was let go or fired or cut back or whatever, I did not live close enough to that library to justify me taking my lunch breaks at my new job.

My super cute wife was more than supportive in helping me find the right place where I could just write. We tried turning our guest room into a quasi writing studio for me and that helped a little, but it never had the same feel.

I did not use that as an excuse however, I just wrote wherever I could, no matter how uncomfortable I felt. I am an author, dang it, and I want to write, so what is it? What is it about finding that spot?

I think that it is just that, it is a spot where we feel comfortable, where it almost makes sense. As we listening to the background noise or the deafening silence, we just know. It just feels like our place. We rarely get writer’s block there. Some of our greatest ideas come from there. It is just ours.

Stephen King writes from a studio in his home. Robin Jones Gunn writes on a beach. JRR Tolkien wrote at desk in his home.

Where do you write? I would love to hear about it. Comment below and you might see it in an upcoming article. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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