#ThrowbackThursday – Favorite Slang Part 2

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Subscribe for more upcoming Throwback Thursday articles!

Nothing defines a generation more than their slang. As a Millennial, I am ashamed of some of the slang that I used in the early 90s, but some of it was still cool. Here is a list of favorite words and phrases that I remember from back in the day.

  • Phat- Another word for cool. “That is so phat!”
  • Word or Word up- As in, “That was cool!” Reply: “Word!” It is an affirmation or agreement. 
  • All That and a Bag of Chips- It basically means, “Everything and then some!”
  • Talk To The Hand- Shut up in a less polite way. 
  • Crib- House or place
  • Psych- It is an updated version of “NOT!” As in, “Beyonce in the Queen Bee. Psych!”
  • Cut it out!- Stop what you are doing!
  • Mad/Wicked- Not angry, but impressive. Example: “He’s got mad skills.”
  • That’s My Name Don’t Wear It Out- When someone said your name, this would be your reply. 
  • Going postal- It is another way to say, “He’s going crazy.” Example: “He’s going postal!”

I still cannot believe this is how I use to talk. I admit, every once in awhile one or two will slip back. Don’t worry, there are more Throwback Thursday and humor articles to come, so be sure to click subscribe. 


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