Movie Review Flashback- Barefoot


I do not know exactly how to define Barefoot. It is a very unusual movie. I guess it is a romantic comedy drama film directed by Andrew Fleming. 

A guy named Jay Wheeler, a janitor at a mental institution, has some gambling debt and he realizes he has to go to see his estranged father to get some money to pay it off or he will be hurt by the bookies. Before he heads out, he saves a young patient named Daisy, a shy, awkward young woman raised by a schizophrenic mother. Daisy has a lot of quirks, including refusing to wear shoes. She also harbors a dark secret.

He decides to take Daisy with him because she refuses to leave his side, angering her psychiatrist.  As Jay and Daisy go to his parent’s home awkward encounters, secrets, lies, and theft result in a very interesting thrill ride. 

This film was very well made. Sometimes the dialogue felt jumpy, but overall, the actors and the story itself was very good. The chemistry between Scott Speedman and Evan Rachel Wood really brought the film to life. It would have been a total waste of time without that. I did think the final scene was a little bit forced. It tried to play off the awkwardness of the co-stars, but ended up falling flat. Other than that, it was a great film that was hilarious and fun.

FAVORITE QUOTE: I already did. 

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strip club scene and scenes of strong language


  • Evan Rachel Wood as Daisy Kensington
  • Scott Speedman as Jay Wheeler
  • Treat Williams as Mr. Wheeler
  • Kate Burton as Mrs. Wheeler
  • J. K. Simmons as Dr. Bertleman
  • J. Omar Casto as Little Earl
  • David Jensen as Mr. Phelpmitter
  • Ricky Wayne as Mr. Frakel

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