Top 10 Batgirl Costumes

Batman has had many sidekicks and partners who have work with him to fight criminals in Gotham City. The original Batgirl was named Bette Kane and created by Batman co-creator Bill Finger and comic book writer Sheldon Moldoff. However, it was Barbara Gordon that made a splash. The character, created by comic book writers Julius Schwartz and Carmine Infantino with TV producer William Dozier is who would make the heroine a household name. Barbara, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, and a handful of others have truly made their mark in the mask. Here is my Top 10 Batgirl Costumes:

10. Helena Bertinelli

Batman Wiki/DC Comics

During No Man’s Land, Helena Bertinelli also known as the Huntress, took it upon herself to become Batgirl. Though she tried to prove herself to Batman and Nightwing, she was ultimately rejected leading her to return to former identity.

09. All-Star

DC Database Wiki/DC Comics

Featured in Frank Miller’s All-Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder and designed by artist Jim Lee, this is teen version had no formal training, but took inspiration from the dynamic duo.

08. Thrillkiller

DC Database Wiki/DC Comics

In an alternate reality, Jim Gordon was killed by Joe Chill saving the Wayne Family. Thus, Barbara Gordon became the vigilante Batgirl and would later take Batman as a sidekick.

07. Burnside

DC Comics/DC Fandom Wiki

Barbara Gordon returned to college in the Gotham suburb of Burnside where she remained for some time. This look obviously took inspiration from the Batgirl of the 60s Batman TV show.

06. Stephanie Brown

Batman Wiki/DC Comics

In days before Flashpoint, Stephanie Brown, aka the Spoiler, takes over the roles of Batgirl after Cassandra Cain becomes Blackbat and Gordon remains Oracle.

05. New 52

Batman Wiki/DC Comics

This version made its debut in the pages of the New 52 following the events of Flashpoint.

04. Cassandra Cain

Batman Wiki/DC Comics

After the events of No Man’s Land, Batman takes in the semi-mute Cassandra Cain who becomes the Oracle endorsed heir to the cowl. She would eventually become Blackbat for Batman, Inc. and would become The Orphan during the DC Rebirth.

03. Arkham

Arkham City Wiki/DC Comics/Rocksteady

Seen in bonus material from the video game Batman: Arkham Knight, this costume is designed to look more like armor and features an array of gadgets to help her match the Dark Knight.

02. Gray and Blue

Batman Wiki/DC Comics

Her most prominent costumes over the years, with a gray suit, blue cowl, yellow boots and gloves, this costume mirrors the Neil Adams design of Batman at the time. This one was featured in Batman: The Animated Series.

01. All Black

Batman Wiki/DC Comics/Alex Ross

Featuring a black costume accented with her classic yellow, this design by acclaimed comic book artist Alex Ross is one of the most iconic versions of her costume to date.

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