Top 50 Batman Villains Part 4

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Villains come and go, but Batman’s rogues seem to live on forever. From the inmates of Blackgate to the patients in Arkham Asylum, the Dark Knight always has a challenge with these folks. I have my favorites and I wanted to share them with you. Here is Part 4 of my Top 50 favorite Batman villains. 

Dr. Hugo Strange- He is a corrupted psychiatrist who is obsessed with unmasking Batman. Yet, Batman always seems to have the edge on him. 

Killer Croc- Waylon Jones has a rare genetic disease that caused his skin to harden. He later became one of Batman’s worst enemies and a strong enemy. 

Man-Bat- Kirk Langstrom was exposed to a chemical that mutated him into a human/bat hybrid. He has been an ally to Batman, but many times, he has been an enemy. 

Bane- He is one villain who has done the impossible. He broke Batman. Using skill, strength, and the drug Venom, he did what was considered impossible. 

Talon- William Cobb is the leader of the Court of the Owls army of Talon clones. He lead a full on assault on Gotham City where he almost defeated Batman. 

Harley Quinn- She is the sometime girlfriend of the Joker. At one time, she was a prominent psychiatrist, but has since became a criminal, but recently an anti-hero.

Mad Hatter- Jervis Tetch is a brilliant scientific mind that uses mind control and Alice in Wonderland as inspirations for his crimes. He has plagued Gotham City for years.  

Mr. Freeze- Originally called Mr. Zero, Victor Fries was a scientist who only loved his wife, but after her death, he became a frozen villain that is coldhearted. 

Black Mask- Roman Sionis is a vicious crime leader of the False Society. He, at one time, took the mantle of being the largest criminal boss in Gotham City. 

Talia Head- She is the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul and the mother of Damian Wayne, Bruce’s son. She went from reluctant opponent to full on enemy at one point. 

I hope you enjoyed this list. Be sure to subscribe because next week is Top 10 of the Top 50 Batman Villains list. 

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