#ThrowbackThursday – 14 Christian Songs We Will Not Forget



June is Throwback Thursday month! I'm exploring things of my childhood including the 90s and early 2000s. Check out this new article.

May is Throwback Thursday month! I’m exploring things of my childhood including the 90s and early 2000s. Check out this new article.

Remember classic contemporary Christian music? The early 90s were not a good time for any Christian band. There was so much turmoil and many bands and musicians tried to either copy boy bands or go the easy listening route. We did manage to pull through. However, during that time, there were some pretty good songs. Check out some of the links. Here are 14 Christians songs we will not forget.

Jesus Freak- dc Talk was one of the most popular Christian bands. They broke the mold by mixing rock, pop music, rap, R&B, and a bunch of different styles. Their opus was Jesus Freak, a song about being bold with your faith. 

Baby, Bay- Christian music superstar Amy Grant wrote this song for her first child. It is a sweet, enduring song that definitely defined this time period. She recently did a new version with Tori Kelly. 

Flood- Jars of Clay performed this song so often that it even became a hit in the secular market by the amount of times it played on air. They even did a “MTV” music video for it. 

Witch’s Invitation- Carmen defined not one, but two generations of Christian music and he is still going strong. This song is one of his greatest hits. 

History Maker- A lot of people think this is a Hillsong song, but this worship song is actually from the hit band Delirious? The songwriter, Martin Smith, wrote many worship songs we sing today including Shout to the North and The Happy Song.

The Great Adventure- “Saddle up your horses!” The opening line to this song by Steven Curtis Chapman is one that most fans of contemporary Christian music know pretty well. 

Shine- Not Ashamed may have put the newsboys on the map, but Shine pushed them into stardom. Despite many setbacks, the band is still going strong. 

Redeemer- This song came out at the tail end, but this song sung by Nicole C. Mullen is amazing. She has such a great musical presence and an amazing voice to match.

I’ll Be Fine- Critical Mass was a Catholic rock band that sang about the love of Jesus and being a real Christian. They had some pretty cool songs including this one. 

In The Light- Another classic hit from dc Talk. This song talks about living in the light of Jesus. It is actually a cover of song by Christian Jazz singer/songwriter Charlie Peacock. 

Every Heartbeat- Another Amy Grant song that included a popular music video starring actress of Musetta Vanvder. This is another song co-written by Charlie Peacock. 

Revival in the Land- This is more of a play than a song, but it’s music video shows the devil panicking as Christian all over the globe praying for revival. 

Some Kind Of Zombie- This was really a brave song for Audio Adrenaline. Before Zombies were a thing, they were kind of taboo for Christians. It’s a weird song with a really weird music video, but one we won’t forget.

Creed- From their album Beyond Belief, this Petra hit was even featured on their Farewell album. This song is a declaration of their faith, taking inspiration from the Apostle’s Creed. 

That is my list of Christian songs from the 90s I will never forget. Did I leave out any of yours? Comment below and be sure to subscribe for more upcoming Throwback Thursday articles and lists. 



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