Pentcost Sunday 2016

01 Pentecost Sunday

A very brief history of the Christian holiday: Pentecost Sunday.

Right before, Jesus Christ’s ascension, when He went into Heaven, He told His disciples to wait for Holy Spirit, who would give the disciples an incredible anointing to do the things of God.

On Pentecost (where the holiday gets its name), is a shared Jewish holiday taking place fifty days after Passover, many Jews from all over the world were visiting Jerusalem. Because the city was so congested, the disciples decided to lay low since they were still wanted men. They were all gathered in one place. The Bible describes it as the Upper Room. They were praying and fasting waiting as Jesus had told them. 

As they were waiting, the presence of God came upon them so strong it sounded like a mighty wind. The atmosphere was so thick with God, it appeared that tongues of fire rested on the heads on all of the disciples. They started speaking in other languages. 

At first, the people around the house started making fun of the Christians. However, the Apostle Peter came outside and delivered one of the most epic sermons of all time, ending with a call to accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior.

As a result, over 3,000 people came to know Jesus. 

May we, today, have that kind of anointing and power. 

You can find this incredible, true story in the Bible, Book of Acts, chapter 2. 

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