Interview with singer Raely Elle

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Today, I have another fantastic guest, singer Raely Elle of Never Fade Records. She’s got some fantastic music. Yesterday, I reviewed one of her songs and so I was so excited when she agreed to an interview. She is one of the sweetest, most humble, but very talented people I have interviewed. Check it out below. Her answers are in bold.


Where do you call your hometown?
Klamath Falls, OR

Is that where you started to sing?

How young were you when you started to sing?
I was very little when I first started singing but I only started doing it professionally when I was 14.

Where and when was your first performance?
I was 5 and it was a tap dance recital at the Ross Ragland Theater in Klamath Falls, OR. Does that count? Lol

When you first started singing, did anyone say, “your voice will take you places?”
Yes. But my dad always pushed me to perfect all the little nooks and crannies in my voice. Ha!

What kind of music do you listen to you?
All kinds. I love reggae, hip hop, r&b, classical, African music, pop, soul music, french cafe music, traditional Chinese music, worship, Jazz. I love really unique movie Soundtracks that get my imagination running. More recently I’ve been getting into opera.
It’s a mood thing. Whatever mood I’m in I will fit the music to that.


As a follow-up, any particular musician, singer, or band that inspires you?
Bob Marley. Easy listening with a message of peace and oneness.


I am curious, how did you become a Christian?
My mother raised me teaching me about Jesus. I loved the Lord since I was a little girl but it wasn’t until about 19 years old that I really decided to stop having a luke-warm relationship with Him. Long story short, my life was going down a very dark hole due to my bad decision making. After a lot of pain, I finally surrendered and realized I couldn’t do it without a Mighty King at my side.


I know for me, I’ll hang onto a scripture that is relevant to my season. Do you have a “life scripture” that you hang onto?
My favorite is,
“For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and self-control.”
2 Timothy 1:7

That’s like medicine to my soul.
Your boldness in being unashamed of your faith is refreshing. How does your faith interact with your life?
It gives me hope when I feel like giving up. It gives me peace in the midst of chaos, and literally teaches me how to love daily.


I saw an interview with you where you praised your team. They do seem like a pretty awesome bunch. Tell us a little bit about how your team works together. 
Well we started out with a a few other artists, but now it’s narrowed down to just my husband and I.
He’s the master mind behind all the music. He creates all of the beats, does a lot of the production and mixes all the music. We edit all the music videos together, but he’s much better with the special effects. I really enjoy directing the videos and putting the vision together.
We are just a two man team, but we make it work!
How did you get connected with Never Fade Records? 
James Julius, a former rapper with Never Fade, introduced me to his producer M.I.C. because he wanted to collaborate with me.
M.I.C. and I ended up getting married and the rest was history.
What genre of music generally gets produced at Never Fade Records?
It used to be all Hip Hop. Now it’s more R&B, Reggae, and Hip Hop.
Two of my favorite songs are Peacemaker and Rainbow. What is it the creative process for writing and composing songs?
Thank you! I have a stockpile of beats, mostly from my husband. Sometimes I start writing and get stumped. It can take weeks to spit the words out.
Other times the words come all at once. I love those moments!
I usually start with the melody unless I have some poetry I wrote previously that I think would fit well with the song. My songs may come from a past experience or the present, but they always come from a real place.
The companion music videos are incredible. Take us through the process of producing those music videos.
I appreciate that! I put out a story board for Peacemaker and gathered pictures to color coordinate the costumes and scenes. I wanted it to be kind of a time lapse feel, where in the beginning we were planting seeds from the medieval times. All of that kindness spread to this day and age. It shows how a single seed of kindness can be passed on through generations.
We grabbed some people we knew to be in the video, but the people we gave flowers to were strangers off the street. M.I.C. filmed the whole thing and I had a great time directing it. We later edited the video together.

Rainbow was totally different. It was actually kind of last minute. We thought it was such a beautiful snowy day we couldn’t help but film. We saw it as a good opportunity to create our first lyric video. We got some awesome drone footage and played in the snow. After filming, we went sledding in it. ha! The editing took the longest out of all the videos. M.I.C. really put in a lot of work on all those special effects.
Any song or songs there you are especially proud of?
Hmmm I would have to say “Peacemaker” and “It’s All Okay.”
Peacemaker was one of those songs that the lyrics just came all at once.
It’s All Okay was written at a time of struggle and reminded us there’s hope. It brought a lot of joy to not only us, but also others that have been going through it as well. It’s a feel-good healing song!
Where do you go to find inspiration for your music?
Just living life really. I get really inspired by nature. There’s no greater place then frolicking in God’s creations.


I found a video of you singing live, and I have to say, you sound just as good in person as on a recording. How do you keep your voice strong?
That’s is very kind. Thank you. Vocal warm ups and some throat coat lemon tea. That’s my secret weapon!


When preparing for a live show, does your team have a pre-show ritual that you all do together?
There is always a prayer that the Spirit is with us as we go.


One final question, got any advice for young Christian music artists who want to break into the industry?
Be you. You don’t always have to take everyone else’s advice. Listen to what’s inside YOUR soul. Let the Lord guide you. Remember why you’re doing it.


That concluded our interview. To hear her music go to NFR’s official YouTube and then head to their website and Facebook. Find Raely Elle on Twitter @RaelyElle. You will not be disappointed!

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