#ThrowbackThursday – 17 Voices We Will Never Forget

June is Throwback Thursday month! I'm exploring things of my childhood including the 90s and early 2000s.
May is Throwback Thursday month! I’m exploring things of my childhood including the 90s and early 2000s.

Yo, yo, what up my homies? We got another article that’s all that! We’re going retro with a list of voice actors that those of us raised in the early 90s. We heard these tight guys and gals on Toonami, ABC’s One Saturday Morning, Fox Kids, DiC, Disney Afternoons, Kid’s WB, and so many more. So check out my list of 17 Voices We Will Never Forget.

Ed Gilbert- Known for playing Baloo in TaleSpin, he was also featured in Transformers as Blitzwing, GI Joe: A Real American Hero as General Hawk, and of course, The Mandarin on Iron Man: The Animated Series

Phil LaMarr- Yes, he was Green Lantern in Justice League Unlimited, but that is not the only series he was in. He had the starring role in Samurai Jack and had other appearances in Young Justice, Spectacular Spider-Man, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and so much more.

Elizabeth Daily- Tommy Pickles in Rugrats and Buttercup in The Powerpuff Girls are just a few of her amazing credits. Eek! The Cat, Quack Pack, Jungle Cubs, all of these are just a drop in the bucket. 

Sean Schemmel- He has been in several Anime roles like Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, Samurai 7, One Piece, but you probably know him best as Goku from Dragon Ball Z the Funimation dub. 

Jim Cummings- This man has a ton of amazing roles. Taz-Mania, Timon & Pumba, Wild West COW Boys of Moo Mesa, Sonic The Hedgehog (SatAM), The Legend of Tarzan, but we’ll always remember him as Winnie the Pooh and Darkwing Duck.

Tara Strong- Aside from voicing Batgirl in Batman: The Animated Series and Bubbles in The Powerpuff Girls, she has been in Babar, Little Bear, Detention, Xiaolin Showdown, and is currently Twilight Sparkle in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This lady is one talented voice actress. 

Scott McNeil- Not only is this guy an American voice actor, he is also a frequent anime English dub voice. He was Duo Maxwell in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Wolverine in X-Men Evolution, Jet-Fire in Transformers Armada, just check out his Wikipedia page. 

Arleen Sorkin- Though she has many amazing credits, including being featured in the soap opera Days of Our Lives, but we all know and love her as Harley Quinn from Batman: The Animated Series

Khary Payton- He has appeared in live action roles, but he also voiced Cyborg in the original Teen Titans, he also was in Loonatics Unleashed, Street Sharks, Ben 10, etc. He is one talented guy with a ton of movie credits as well. 

Jeff Bennett- If you listen closely, you can hear him in almost everything. He was Dad in Dexter’s Laboratory, Duke L’Orange in Mighty Ducks, Johnny Bravo as Johnny Bravo, and he is still going strong, appearing in Sofia The First as Merlin. 

Diane Pershing- She has voiced the villianess Poison Ivy in Batman: The Animated Series and its subsequent series and even in a crossover with Static Shock, but she has also appeared several Flash Gordon animated shows as Dale Arden. 

Peter Cullen- We all and know him as Optimus Prime on Transformers. That is his most famous role, but he was also Red Skull in Spider and His Amazing Friends, Eeyore on the New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and of course, Monterey Jack on Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers

Mark Hamill- Yes, Luke Skywalker, but to us growing up in 90s, he was the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series. Aside from being the Clown Prince of Crime, he was also The Hobgoblin in Spider-Man: The Animated Series and Gargoyle in The Incredible Hulk.

Frank Welker- He’s another one you’ve heard everywhere. He was Megatron in The Transformers and Cobra Commander in GI Joe: A Real American Hero. He was also Klaw in Inspector Gadget, Fred in Scooby-Doo, and has also been several animals including Abu in Disney’s Aladdin

Jason Marsden- He has been in several animated shows including Jungle Cubs, Adventures of the Gummi Bears, A Goofy Movie, and has continued to voice act down through the years. He was also worked as the host of The Disney Channel.

Venus Terzo- I first heard her in Beast Wars: Transformers and Beast Machines as Blackarachnia, but she was also Jean Grey in X-Men Evolution and Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes as Lucia Von Bardas. 

Kevin Conroy- Of course, how could I leave out the man who defined Batman for a whole generation. He will reprise his role for the upcoming animated series Justice League Action

That is my list of famous voice from my childhood. Do you have one? Comment below and be sure to subscribe for more upcoming Throwback Thursday articles. 




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