Top 50 Batman Villains Part 2

Batman has gone to war with many villains and rogues in Gotham City. From the patients in Arkham Asylum to the inmates of Blackgate, he has always been challenged by these arch foes. I have my favorites and I wanted to share them with you. Here is Part 2 of my Top 50 favorite Batman villains. 

NKDemon- Gregor Dosynski was a protege of KGBeast and he later attempted to create a coup in Russia, but Batman put a stop to that. 

Anarky- Sorry, Arrow fans, Lonnie Manchin is a villain that has plagued Batman in the pages of Batman: Anarky and later in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight. 

Victor Zsasz- He is a vicious hitman who has worked for mafia, but also as a serial killer who keeps tally marks on his body of all of his kills. 

Catman- Thomas Blake is a gentleman thief who has worked with the Cult of the Cat. He is a skilled thief and Martial Artist who briefly worked with the Secret Six. 

KGBeast- Anatoli Knyazev is a brutal assassin who cut off his own hand rather than be captured. Batman found this foe to almost be an evil mirror image. 

David Cain- He is a talented assassin who once worked and even trained Bruce Wayne briefly, but he later became a vicious enemy of Batman. His daughter, Cassandra Cain, later became Batgirl. 

King Snake- Sir Edmund Dorrance is the leader of the Kobra Cult, a rival to the League of Assassins. For a time, he wanted to kill Tim Drake, the third Robin.  

Deadshot- Floyd Lawton is a deadly sniper who started out as a minor villain, but soon graduated to bing time after he became a part of the Suicide Squad. 

Tony Zucco- He is a plan clothes blackmailer who is responsible for the murder of Dick Grayson’s parents, leading to the creation of the first Robin. 

The Terrible Trio- The only group on this list: Warren Lawford (Fox), Armand Lydecker (Shark), and Gunther Hardwicke (Vulture) were a trio of thugs who became thieves. 

I hope you enjoyed this list. Be sure to subscribe to see the rest of the Top 50 Batman Villains list. 

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