My Top 10 Scorponok Forms In Transformers

Sometimes called Megazarak, no other Decepticon has posed a threat to Megatron’s power than Scorponok. He was introduced as the headquarters for the Headmasters and piloted by the Nebulon scientist Zarak. Throughout the years, he has taken on several iterations. My Top 10 Scorponok Forms In Transformers:

10. Masterforce

TF Wiki

In the Japanese anime Super-God Masterforce, Black Zarak is the leader of the Destrons, the descendants of the Decepticons who are trying to take over their home planet from the Autobots.

09. Zone

TF Wiki

This OVA introduced a more powerful Zarak who challenges the Autobot leader known as Dai Atlas by resurrecting some of the most power Decepticon Combiners.

08. Battlestation

TF Wiki

The Autobot Micromasters had to do battle against Zarak Maximus, he’s a more destructive version than previously seen who also serves to sell some pretty cool toys.

07. Comic Book

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Lord Zarak’s son Olin gains the ability to merge with Scorponok, becoming one of the strongest Decepticons in the “Hoist the Flag” story from Fun Publications.

06. Aligned

TF Wiki

Scorponok is not a Headmaster, but an escaped Decepticon prisoner that Bumblebee and his team of Earthbound Autobots have to catch while avoiding blasts with his acid tail.

05. Beast Wars

Second-in-command of the Darkside, Scorponok assisted Megatron in stealing the Golden Disks from Cybertron. He would perish in the wave caused by Optimus Primal’s destruction of the Vok orbital weapon.

04. Unicron Trilogy

TF Wiki

Scorponok rallies the Decepticons to work for Alpha Q and Unicron, but when Megatron returns, the two begin a deadly battle for leadership and how to use Unicron as a weapon. They soon realize no one can control the one who devours worlds.

03. Rebirth

TF Wiki

Upon realizing the power of the Transformers, Lord Zarak of Nebulon decided to work with the Decepticons in conquering Cybertron to free them from their meaningless existence by creating the weapon called Scorponok. The conclusion implies an incoming power struggle between him and Galvatron.

02. MovieVerse

TF Wiki

Michael Bay brought Scorponok to life as a Decepticon scout sent to Earth to prepare the way for Megatron in the first film. He returns in the sequel only to be destroyed by Jet-Fire.

01. Grand Architect

TF Wiki

After serving time in prison and forced to inhabit a smaller body, Scorponok chases Hot Rod and the crew of the Lost Light to steal a mysterious artifact called the Magnificence to regain his power.

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