#ThrowbackThursday – Top 7 Disney Shows

Throwback Thursday Throwbackthursday

For the month of May, every Thursday, I will be going retro in totally rad way. I will bring up subjects from my back in the day. We’ll have articles about the 1990s down to the early 2000s. You wanna gonna get blazed by all of the Thursday Throwback specials!  

Now, I don’t want you to murk out on me, but this first article is one Disney Original Series that came out when I was growing. Some of the Disney shows now are politically correct brainwashing shows that are cheesy and silly. I remember some good ol’ shows that were really entertaining. Here are my Top 7:

Lizzie McGuire- A show with an animated sidebar, this teen sitcom starred Hillary Duff. It had everything that made shows we loved great: crazy little sibling, good parents, best friends, and a weird school. 

The Famous Jett Jackson- Lee Thompson Young played a character who was a teen star of a show-within-a-show. It had a lot of fun moments and great humor. 

The Jersey- Based on the Monday Night Football Club books by Gordon Korman, it was about four friends who get a magic jersey that allows them to change into famous athletes. Many real ones guest starred. 

Phil of the Future- A family from the 22nd Century is trapped in the 21st Century after their time machine malfunctions. It followed Phil and his sister as they tried to adapt to life in the past. 

Kim Possible- This animated comedy show featured Disney stars Will Friedle and Christy Carlson Romano voicing spies who were always doing what they do best, save the world. 

Bug Juice- Before reality shows were all about fake drama and scratching, they were pretty cool. This one was about a summer camp with extreme sports. Not too bad. 

Even Stevens- The story of the Stevens siblings: Louis and Ren, and sometimes their older brother Donnie, the family navigates all kinds of troubles, including getting tricked into doing a game show. 

That’s my lost of favorite Disney Original Series. What’re yours? Comment below and be sure to subscribe for more Throwback Thursday articles like this one. 

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