Top 50 Batman Villains Part 1


Batman has battled many villains in Gotham City. From crazy masterminds to deadly strategists, he has always overcome them. I have my favorites and I wanted to share them with you. Here is Part 1 of my Top 50 favorite Batman villains. 

Rubio Dolar- Thinking himself a vigilante, Rubio went on a killing spree to avenge his grandfather. Batman put a stop to him and the villain died in the scuffle. He had a short appearance in Batman: Legends of Dark Knight Colossus Part 1 and 2. 

Red Claw- Voiced by Kate Mulgrew, she has only appeared in Batman: The Animated Series, but she is no less deadly and once tried to bring Great Britain to its knees. 

Maxie Zeus- Maximillian Zeus literally believes he is the ancient Greek god. Though he is on again and off again, he remains very deadly despite his madness. 

Lady Shiva- She is a dangerous and deadly Martial Artist who is able to hold her own against the Dark Knight. Though she retrained the Dark Knight after he recovered from broken back. 

White Knight- Appearing during Dick Grayson’s run as Batman, he attempted to wipe out the inmates of Arkham Asylum after trying to kill their family members. 

Nyssa- She’s another daughter of Ra’s al Ghul and at one time assassinated him. She later became the leader of the League of Assassins though she was overthrown later. 

Cluemaster- Arthur Brown copied the methods of the Riddler. However, his daughter later became the vigilante known as Spoiler, a member of the Batman family. 

Firefly- The original Garfield Lynns is pyrotechnic who is extremely deadly. He went from starting fires and later sported a jetpack to take to the skies. 

Killer Moth- He was the first villain to be defeated by Batgirl. Because of this, Drury Walker has become a laughing stock in Gotham City. This makes him want revenge on Batgirl. 

Lock-Up- He, too, was originally a Batman: TAS villain, but later he took over Blackgate Prison during the epic storyline known as No Man’s Land

I hope you enjoyed this list. Be sure to subscribe to see the rest of the Top 50 Batman Villains list. 

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