Movie Review Flashback- Joseph: King of Dreams

Joseph King of Dreams

Directed by Rob LaDuca and Robert C. Ramirez, Joseph, King of Dreams was made when Hollywood was just feeling out the Christian base. DreamWorks had just made the highly successful Moses film: Prince of Egypt and then they attempted to duplicate their success and this one was good, but not quite as good. Normally, I would describe the plot, but since it is a well-known story from the Bible, I will take divulge from that tradition.

It tells the Biblical story of Joseph (voiced by Ben Affleck) interworked with music and song. Though they take some historical and artistic license, they actually were pretty close to the actual story found in the Bible’s Book of Genesis. Now, they had to tone down certain things to make it kid-friendly, but again, for the most part, it did its best not to stray. 

This film is one of the best animated Bible films with stellar animation and an excellent adaption. It is very well made, but it lacks the heart that made Prince of Egypt so majestic. It relied a little too much on its music, with the first part of the film being one long song and then later the song Bloom sang by Maureen McGovern was a little out of place. Joining Affleck is Mark Hamill as Judah, Richard Herd as Jacob, Maureen McGovern as Rachel, Jodi Benson as Asenath, Judith Light as Potiphar’s wife Zuleika, James Eckhouse as Potiphar, and Richard McGonagle as Egyptian Pharoah Rameses I, giving the movie an incredible edge with talent. 

FAVORITE QUOTE: The explanation comes from God. 

PARENTAL CONCERN: Mild thematic elements

Check out the trailer below:

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