7 TV Shows That Need A Reunion Movie


We have all have our favorite television series. From sitcoms to dramas to science fiction, we all are fans of something and are sad when the shows comes to end, especially if they end badly. Now they don’t all end bad, but sometimes, we at least want to see where everyone ended up or have loose ends tied up. Now there might be some spoilers, but here is my list of 7 TV shows that need a reunion.

Frasier- The lovable Dr. Frasier Crane (who was originally introduced on Cheers) gave up a TV career in San Francisco and moved to Chicago to pursue the girl of his dreams. However, the ending left us wondering what the heck happened to everyone. Many former cast members have rejected the idea of a reunion saying it would be corny, but I think it would be really cool.

Star Trek- After The Next Generation came Deep Space Nine and then Voyager, though the Dominion War ended and the Romulan Empire was defeated in Star Trek Nemesis, the ending left a huge gap of questions. Though there is a new continuum, a movie with a true conclusion that fills out those gaps would be good. The first thing to do is bring back Lt. Commander Data after his death in the movie mentioned above.

Friends- Rumors of reunions have surfaced for years, even leading to a fake one on Jimmy Kimmel Live. However, the cast seems to be refusing to meet for a follow-up. The gossip is Matt LeBlanc is bitter at how is character Joey was treated in the final seasons and at the failure of his spin-off. Also, Matthew Perry refused to take part in an anniversary interview with the rest of the cast. Even the creator said a reunion is unlikely.

Wings- The close knit employees of Sand Piper Air separated when Crystal Bernard’s character was offered a musical training opportunity for a year in Austria. Tim Daly’s character as her husband, agreed, and his brother played by Steven Weber took over the business to prevent a rival from buying them out. They said they would all meet again in a year, but that has not happened. Tim Daly recently said that he does not want to show his character as an old man. Too bad, we want to see it!

Firefly- Fox really mistreated Joss Whedon with this one, as I’ve said in other articles. Fans have been asking for a reunion movie for a long time, but we keep just getting comic books. Most of the cast is on board, but Joss seems to be taking a break from filming for awhile. He needs to wake up, we want to see what is going on with the Serenity crew.

Ally McBeal- Talk about a show with an anti-climatic ending. Though most of the cast has passed off on returning for a movie, it would still be neat. The best thing that could happen is Ally waking up in her true love, Larry’s arms, and saying, “I had a weird dream I had a daughter, became a partner at my law firm, but then moved to New York.” Yes, that would be the best opening ever.

Walker, Texas Ranger- They had one reunion movie, Walker, Texas Ranger Trial By Fire, but it ended in a total cliffhanger. Though Chuck Norris has semi-retired, making only small appearances in films and TV shows, it would be great if they could unite the gang for one more film that would answer that cliffhanger. And Be sure to cast Nia Peeples in it as well. That was a mistake to leave out her character.

Those are my favorite TV shows that I think need a reunion. Do you have any? Comment below and be sure to subscribe for more articles like this one.

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