Movies With Terrible Endings

movies with terrible endings

Some movies are good and some are bad. Whether good or bad, you at least want a satisfying ending. What about if the movie has a terrible ending? Oh, man, that practically destroys the films for us as movie goers. Warning spoilers! Here is my list Movies With Terrible Endings: 

Source Code- The movie itself was a little confusing, but when the main character played by Jake Gyllenhaal figured out he could exist in an alternate history through the Source Code, where he takes over a strange man’s identity. Though he saved the day, you’re left wondering, what about the guy whose mind he replaced? What happened to him? It’s a mind bender. 

No Country For Old Men- Okay, where the showdown between the protagonist and the antagonist? There was none! It was such a horrible, anticlimactic ending that I wondered what was the point of the film. It made absolutely no sense why I was promised this battle and it did not happen. 

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull- Steven Spielberg was releasing a lot of stinkers during this time. This one takes the cake. Why did the Soviets go through that? We also missed Indy getting to see the aliens. Also, the aliens who were not from “outer space” but actually from the “space between spaces.” What?

The Lady in the Water- M. Night Shyamalan had lost his mojo since Signs and The Sixth Sense. Besides having a convoluted plot, this film lacked a twist ending and just saw the title character getting whisked away by a giant eagle. We did not even get to see it. It happened through the view from under the swimming pool. Very weird. 

The Counselor- This Ridley Scott movie teaches that crime does not pay…in a very brutal way. The wife of a drug dealer betrays him and his crew so she can steal his millions and frame their lawyer for the theft, loosing the drugs herself. The question was, why? According to one character, they stood to make millions on the deal. Why betray and then have to sell drugs that the cartels are looking for? It makes no sense. The climax itself could have been avoided.

Planet of the Apes- Tim Burton’s 2001 remake of the 1968 film ended with Mark Wahlberg’s character crashing on Earth to a statue of Ape Lincoln. Wait? What? If he went back to his time, why did the apes takeover? It was a twist ending that makes you scratch your head. 

Prometheus- Another Ridley Scott film, it was meant to be in the same universe of the Alien franchise. However, it was made with the same finesse of a bad Michael Bay film. The main cast was trying to find the Engineers, rumored to be what started evolution. However, when they awaken him, Engineer weirdly tries to kill everyone. Again, why? What was the motivation? It is never explained. 

The Day After Tomorrow- This global cooling, uh I mean, global warning, uh I mean, climate change film is so full of faulty science, it leads to a weird ending where the storm that the climate scientists were warning about just kind of poofs out. It is trying to warn us, but fails miserably within its own ridiculous premise. 

Oblivion- This film starring Tom Cruise was actually pretty good, but the ending left a couple of questions. Why is it that there was more than one clone of the main character, how did that happen and how many are there? Are there only two clones? The number of the one at the end of the film was 51, the main one was 49. So, where are the others? 

The Day The Earth Stood Still- I’m talking the original, not the one with Keanu Reeves. Okay, so these aliens come down to tell us what to do. It is a pacifist film, but who do these aliens think they are? How about they solve all the problems on their own planets before coming down to boss around. It had a good build up to a, “Hey mind your own business” ending. 

That is my list of movies with terrible endings. Did I miss any of yours? Let me know with your comments and be sure to subscribe for more articles like this one. 

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