Top 16 X-Men Villains We Want To See In The Movies

top 16 x-men villains we want to see in the movies

We have seen a lot of great X-Men villains in the movies. We have seen General Stryker, Bolivar Trask, Juggernaut, Sabretooth, and of course, Magneto and Mystique. These characters are pretty cool and we cannot wait to see Apocalypse and a cool version of Dark Phoenix, but there are a few villains that the X-Men have faced that I think would be awesome. Here is my list of Top 16 X-Men Villains We Want To See In The Movies!

16. Mojo- He’s an alien from a different dimension. He captures victims and puts them through “Saw” style theme parks all part of Mojovision, his television to distract the people on his planet. He is gross, sick, and would make a great villain. 

15. The Brood- Another group of aliens from another dimension, these beings are pure evil. They hunt and kill and will do whatever it takes to take over our world. 

14. Reavers- They are a band of cyborgs that want revenge on mutant-kind. Most have been collateral damage by mutant battles and want to kill them off. Most incarnation have a particular grudge against Wolverine.

13. Shadow King- He’s one of the most powerful Mutant telepaths, rivaling Professor X and Jean Grey for power. He’s one of the most evil of all X-Men villains. 

12. Externals- They are servants of Apocalypse. They have helped him through the ages and are extremely powerful. With the first mutant appearing in the upcoming film, they would be perfect for a sequel. 

11. Hellions- Though Emma Frost was shown to be dead in X-Men: Days of Future Past, they could easily find another leader for the Hellions, a group of rivals against the New Mutants. Later, many joined the X-Men. 

10. Exodus- He is an extremely powerful mutant that never ages. At first, he worked with Magneto, but later defected to form his own band of Acolytes. At one point, it took the X-Men teaming up with the Avengers to stop him.

09. Nasty Boys- They are a gang of Mutants who give their own kind a bad name. They like to cause trouble and mayhem. They have more than once been a thorn in the X-Men’s side. 

08. Vulcan- He is the younger brother of X-Men leaders Havok and Cyclops. He was taken into space and eventually used his powers to become a despot. 

07. Fabian Cortez- He can enhance other mutant’s powers and is one Magneto’s acolytes, though later he acted on his own. He would fit perfectly in the world of the X-Men films. 

06. Cameron Hodge- He was once an ally of the X-Men, but after loosing a few limbs, he turned himself into a cyborg. He soon became a vicious enemy of the X-Men. 

05. Black Tom Cassidy- Cousin of X-Man Banshee, he could appear to take revenge on the X-Men since Banshee was shown to be dead in X-Men: Days of Future Past. He is frequently seen with Juggernaut. 

04. Phalanx- This alien race seeks to reproduce by spreading its virus that changes organic material into cybernetic. They have frequently clashed with the X-Men over the years and were featured prominently in the fifth season of the 1990s X-Men animated series. 

03. Lady Deathstrike- Not the lame version from X2: X-Men United, but an actual version of the character. That would be an epic showdown if they did it for real. 

02. Sauron- Karl Lykos is a rare mutant. After absorbing energy from mutants, he transforms into Sauron, a vicious mutant that resembles a dinosaur. He is one of the X-Men’s deadliest enemies. 

01. Mr. Sinister- He is strangle obsessed with Cyclops’ bloodlines. He has been a servant of Apocalypse and a villain in his own right, he is Mr. Sinister. Bryan Cranston recently expressed interest in playing the character. 

That is my list of character I would like to see in the X-Men films. Did I miss any of your favorites? Comment below and be sure to subscribe for more articles like this one. 

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