Movie Review Flashback- Grace Unplugged

Grace Unplugged film

Directed by Brad J. Silverman, Grace Unplugged is family friendly Christian film. The Dove Foundation gave the film 5 Doves, the highest rating you can get from that organization. 

Grace Trey is the daughter of former rock star turned worship leader Johnny Trey who had a one hit wonder with a song called Misunderstood. Grace wants to follow in her father’s footsteps, but she is continually rebellious and challenges her father’s authority. Her father reacts badly and her mom is stuck in the middle. 

Things change when Johnny’s old manager Mossy shows up to inform him that Misunderstood is a hit again and he wants him to return to launch a tour. Johnny turns down the offer, as he is planning a Christian Worship album. Grace, seeking to spread her wings, leaves home for Los Angeles and begins a music career of her own by taking her dad’s place. 

Her father begs her to come back, but she refuses and sets out to start her own path to musical stardom. 

The movie is a good Christian movie. While it lacked in cheesiness, it had the feel of a TV movie than an actual Hollywood film. That being said, the movie had some great acting, storytelling, and music. I loved the cameos from Chris Tomlin, Jamie Grace, and Pia Toscano. Also, I would like to say that AJ Michalka is a great singer and I hope we hear from her in other films and music albums. 

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Grace is very disrespectful to her parents and this seemed excuse by the film because of her Dad not appreciating her gift fully. Also, teen drinking. 

FAVORITE QUOTE: I want to blow people away with my music. 


  • AJ Michalka as Gracie Trey
    • Madison Wolfe as Young Gracie
  • James Denton as Johnny Trey
  • Kevin Pollak as Frank “Mossy” Mostin
  • Shawnee Smith as Michelle Trey
  • Michael Welch as Quentin
  • Jamie Grace as Rachel
  • Emma Catherwood as Kendra Burroughs
  • Chris Ellis as Pastor Tim Bryant
  • Rob Steinberg as Larry Reynolds
  • Kelly Thiebaud as Renae Taylor
  • Patricia French as Sally Benson
  • Anthony Reynolds as Quentin’s dad, Rick
  • Aimee Dunn as Quentin’s mom, Donna
  • Pia Toscano as Alyssa
  • Tiffany Campbell as receptionist
  • Zane Holtz as Jay Grayson
  • Madison Wolfe as Young Grace
  • Mary Shaw as Sharon Bryant
  • Chris Tomlin as himself
  • Jared Lankford as bass player

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