My Top 10 Arcee Forms In Transformers

The graceful Arcee may seem like she is a low-level threat, but harm a human and she will show you her true power. She is a sharpshooter, an excellent technician, and a proficient scout. Throughout the years, she has taken on various forms in the various Transformers shows. Here Are My Top 10 Arcee Forms In Transformers:

10. Beast Wars

BeastWars: TF Wikia

As a member of the Maximals, Arcee joins the Valkyries, an elite group of Transformers who helped restore order after Optimus Primal defeats Megatron on Earth.

09. Hunter

Monzo Blog

During the Combiner Wars, Arcee joined a group of hunters dedicated to stopping the Combiners from destroying Cybertron. She is proficient with a sword and has no qualms about using it.

08. Unicron Trilogy

TF Wiki

In Energon, Arcee helps the Autobots stop the Decepticons and the Terrorcons from stealing valuable resources in order to awaken Unicron.

07. MovieVerse

TF Wiki

Arcee has an excellent motorcycle form that is fast enough to keep up with the Decepticon speedster Sideways. She is the sister of fellow Autobots Elita-One and Chromia.

06. Animated

TF Wiki

Originally a teacher on Cybertron, Arcee became a spy working with Ratchet to steal information from the Decepticons. After being captured by a bounty hunter, she has Ratchet wipe her mind so the information could not be used against the Autobots.

05. Generation One

TF Wiki

She has no problem telling Hot Rod or Springer exactly what she is thinking, even in the darkest hour. This version is a dedicated protector of humans, particularly Daniel Witwicky, who she joins forces with as a Headmaster.

04. Videogame

TF Wiki

In Transformers: War For Cybertron, Arcee was not a playable character, but this design for her look is spot on as it shows off her form in the pre-Earth form.

04. Legends

TF Wiki

This version of Arcee backs a bow and arrow, making her a proficient archer with some incredible skills for those playing the mobile APP game Transformers: Legends.

02. IDW Comics

TF Wiki

In “The End of the Beginning of the World,” Arcee played a role in helping the Autobots in their war against the Decepticons, complete with this epic design.

01. Aligned

TF Wiki

Arcee played a prominent role in Transformers: Prime where she worked with the Autobots in stopping the Decepticons from taking over the Earth and awakening Unicron.

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