Great Fantasy Read- Firstborn by Lorie Ann Grover

01 Firstborn novel

Firstborn by Lorie Ann Grover tells the story of a young girl named Tiadone, who is the first born of her family. According to her nation’s law, she had to be boy or she would killed. Her father, wanting to save her, declared her a male to the authorities. 

Forced to serve a foreign nation and foreign deity, Tiadone trains as a male and is partnered with a singing rapion, a hawk-like creature, that is unique in its species. Despite being a declared male, she longs to live as a woman and to be who she truly is. 

This is a great young adult/fantasy novel. It is full of adventure, action, and an awesome storyline. Though things sometimes happened fast at times, the novel is well written and is really awesome! 

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