Leap Year 2016

leap year 2016

Well, we have made it to another exciting Leap Year. Am I the only one who finds it disturbing that the Founding Fathers put the Presidential Election on a leap year? Anyone? Anyone?

I guess not. I have to wonder, Leap Year has so many bizarre traditions to it, including Ja Rule’s birthday. Did leap years get chosen for a reason? Probably not. 

I did some digging and discovered that Julius Caesar (yes, the Roman Emperor) is the father of leap year. The original Julian Calendar was seriously confusing and it was said to be months out of focus. Caesar asked his top astronomers to figure out what the problem was and in 46 BC (Before Christ, not Before Common Era), they made adjustments where one day would added. 

When the Julian Calendar still caused problems, in 1582 Pope Gregory XIII updated it once again and that is how we got the Gregorian Calendar we use today. It inserted the extra day every four years (though this not the case every once in awhile). Low and behold, we have the modern day Leap Year. 

We learn something new everyday. 

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