#AmReading – All The Pretty Horses

All The Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy is part one of his Western series known as “The Border Trilogy” of fictional novels. I had never read a fictional book by McCarthy so I thought I would pick up this one as it is one of his most famous works.

The plot follows John Grady and his best friend Rawlins who both head from Texas to Mexico to look for work as cowboys after both experienced separate tragedies. Along the way, they encounter a kid named Blevins who is being hunted by Federales. They are accusing him of stealing a horse, though the youth claims the horse is his.

John Grady and Rawlins separate from Blevins after the chase gets too intense. Afterwards, they end up at a ranch where they get work. John Grady falls in love with the daughter of the ranch owners and they begin a passionate forbidden affair that could ruin the reputation of her family.

McCarthy is one of the most unique writers I have written. He disregards normal tropes such as putting quotation marks on dialogue and overuses the word “said” in describing the dialogue. No fancy words here, just straight and honest. I found that, at first, it bothered me, but soon, the story pulled me into its narrative. While I’m usually not a fan of nihilism, which is over saturated in this story. However, I found the characters and their stories are what made this story enthralling.

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