My Top 10 Starscream Forms In Transformers

No one caused Megatron more headaches within the ranks of the Decepticons than the leader of the Seekers called Starscream. He is a cunning sharpshooter, treacherous, and sometimes a bit cowardly. However, other times he has been portrayed as a warrior, but no matter the incarnation, he always wants to take leadership of the Decepticons. Here Are My Top 10 Starscream Forms In Transformers:

First Honorable Mention: Coronation

TF Wiki

During the original Transformers: The Movie, Starscream sends Megatron flying into space and immediately engages in a coup where he is crowned as leader of the Decepticons. This would be shortlived as Galvatron arrived to kill him and take control.

10. Ghost

TF Wiki

During the CGI show Beast Wars, the ghost of Starscream was blown back in time and possessed the body of Predacon loser Waspinator. He lied about his death, but was eventually found out by the current Megatron and his crew on the Darkside.

09. Animated

TF Wiki

Starscream is a treacherous and powerful warrior who attempted to destroy Megatron, so he could take command of the Decepticons. Unfortunately, that did not work out.

08. Alternity

TF Wiki

Forgoing his original jet-based disguise, this version uses a car for his alt-mode. This makes a quick-witted enemy who causes harm to the Autobots.

07. Beast Wars II

TF Wiki

Though not the original Starscream, this Predacon takes on the identity of the Decepticon in order to help Galvatron defeat Lio Convoy and his Maximals. He also was a connoisseur of classical musical, preferring Wagner to psych himself up before a battle.

06. MovieVerse

TF Wiki

In the prequel comic books to the Michael Bay film series, Starscream has no problem causing mindless destruction resulting in utter devastation and loss of life.

05. Aligned

TF Wiki

After Megatron goes missing, Starscream becomes the leader of the Decepticons, though he is soon banished and has his transforming cog stolen by a criminal organization called MECH. He would return and regains his Decepticon status after stealing Cybertronian keys from the Autobots.

04. Armada

TF Wiki

The Unicron Trilogy introduced Starscream as a warrior who has a code of honor. He betrays Megatron and joins the Autobot, however, he returns to the Decepticons after he’s convinced by Thrust to turn over the Minicon weapons in Transformers: Armada.

03. Evolution

TF Wiki

In an alternate reality, the Transformers awaken on Earth during the Industrial Revolution, prompting more primitive alt-modes. However, Starscream takes on a ferocious form to terrifying the Autobots.

02. Generation One

TF Wiki

The smug, treacherous, but cunning Starscream caused Megatron so many problems. However, the two would work form a bizarre abusive relationship with each other until Galvatron killed the Seeker where he stood.

Last Honorable Mention: Thundercracker

TF Wiki

In Transformers: Armada, Starscream gets bathed in powerful energy from the Minicons that change his color scheme. He remarks, “I look like a Thundercracker,” though he continues to call himself by his original name.

01. Machine Wars

TF Wiki

Though this toyline was not well-received, I could not help but highlight this terrifying version of Starscream who uses his ghost-spark to possess this Cybertron body that is so powerful, it can defeat Galvatron.

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