Speaker Paul Ryan Says He Will Not Seek The Nomination At A Brokered Convention

Paul Ryan 1

The race for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination is heating up. Rumors are circling that the GOP (and possibly the Democrats) will have a brokered convention. It has been a fierce competition with some of the worse mudslinging that I have seen in my lifetime. 

Speaker of the House and former Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan was asked by FoxNews anchor Megyn Kelly is he could be the nominee in a brokered convention. 

Kelly first pointed out that Speaker Ryan would preside over a brokered convention and he acknowledged that before saying he did not know about that until he took speakership. She then asked point blank if he could the nominee, but he declined saying that he considered running in 2016, but decided not to after consulting with his family. 

He went on to say that should a brokered convention happen, which he doubts, he thinks that the one of the people seeking the nomination should ultimately be the nominee. 

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