Top 16 Actors To Play James Bond

007 Top 16 actors

James Bond has been around for a long time. Sometimes the actor who plays him is well known, other times he is not as established as an actor. Despite the success of the rebooted series, the latest 007, Daniel Craig, has publicly stated he is retiring from the role after a poor filming experience on Spectre. This had led to a public debate on who should inherit the mantle of James Bond. I decided to get involved. These are not in any particular order. Here are my Top 16 actors to play James Bond. 

16. Henry Cavill- The newest Superman was initially considered for the rebooted Casino Royale. At the time, he was thought to be too young for the part, but after a good performance in Man of Steel and other films, he is being given a second look. 

15. Ethan Hawke- I know it is blasphemous to consider a British actor for an American role, right? Oh wait, I said that backwards. In all seriousness, Hawke’s acting abilities and the fact that he is an outstanding actor could give him credence. 

14. Orlando Bloom- He use to be baby-faced and not taken too seriously, but his role in The Hobbit trilogy has proven that he has matured and can handle a demanding role like a MI-6 agent. 

13. Charlie Cox- The Marvel’s Daredevil actor has the moves to play Bond. He is not as well known on the big screen, but playing a secret agent could be a good move. 

12. Dan Stevens- Though we are still mad at him for leaving Downton Abbey, he has got the charm and the look for a suave secret agent out to save the world.  

11. Christian Coulson- Best known for playing a young Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Christian is veteran English actor with lots of skill and experience. 

10. Robert Pattinson- No, not because of his role in Twilight, it is for all the roles afterwards. He is a truly gifted actor who, unfortunately, has the stigma of being in the teenage-vampire psycho drama. 

09. James McAvoy- He has played in dramas, science fiction, and even superhero films. Despite some poorly received indie pictures, McAvoy is a household name when it comes to British actors. 

08. Matthew Macfadyen- This guy has not only played roles across the board, he has even played British intelligence agents in the past for BBC’s Spooks. He knows the terrain and he can pull it off. 

07. Ewan McGregor- He was considered prior to Daniel Craig, but he was passed over. He is an excellent actor that I believe could very well pull off the role. 

06. Jude Law- He has that suave, charming personality that people find so interesting in James Bond. Why not let him have a shot as the iconic super spy?

05. Jamie Dornan- Prior to being Mr. Grey, he appeared briefly as The Huntsman in Once Upon A Time. He is an excellent actor and could pull it off very well. 

04. Sean Maguire- He’s another Once Upon A Time actor, playing the role of Robin Hood since season 3. He is a great actor and no, I am not googling random Once Upon A Time cast members.  

03. Jack O’Connell- He’s a great actor who could bring James Bond a whole of new fans. He’s starred in Angelina Jolie’s war epic Unbroken, where he shined. 

02. Joseph Fiennes- Since his brother is now playing M, I think it would be a cool twist to see Joseph step into the role of England’s favorite spy. 

01. Benedict Cumberbatch- The Sherlock star is no stranger to diverse roles. He has played real people and fictional ones. He would steal the show as the new James Bond. 

Those are my choices for who would make a great James Bond. Do you have any ideas? Leave me a comment and don’t forget to subscribe!

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