Top 10 WORST Spider-Man Plots

Spidey Costume Scarlet Spider

Spider-Man has had some seriously awesome stories even going back to the days of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Peter Parker has appeared in such plots as the Sinister Six, The Clone Saga, The Last Hunt, and so many more. However, there have also been some stinker stories as well. Here is my list of Top 10 WORST Spider-Man Plots:

10. Sins Past – In the past, Gwen Stacy has an affair with Norman Osborn and has twins with him in secret. It was boring and put an unnecessary twist on an already complicated story.

09. Death of Spider-Man – In the truly atrocious Ultimate Comics (thank Providence, that’s over), Peter Parker dies saving New York City from the Green Goblin. The politically correct Miles Morales takes over and now has to bug us real Spidey fans.

08. Spider-Man Unlimited (1999) – While the costume was cool, this storyline based on the animated series of the same name was just as pointless as the show.

07. Spider Island – Spider-Man’s powers become airborne and turn all of New York City in spider-powered freaks. BORING.

06. Trouble – Telling the story of Peter Parker’s Aunt May and Uncle Ben, it turned their popular story into a boring soap opera that was written with the talent of a dollar store romance.

05. Spider-Man’s Tangled Web – This whole series was poorly drawn and the stories disjointed to the point of being irrelevant.

04. The Gathering of the Five – So now Norman Osborn gets his power magically and introduced the third Spider-Woman. So what?

03. Mud-Thing – Sandman and Hydro-Man team up to battle Spidey, but an argument causes a fight and the two accidentally merge. Though this plot would end with Sandman’s heroic stint, the story itself is just kind of weird.

02. Spider-Man and Zoids – Okay, what?

The Winner:


01. Spidey Meets The President – Spider-Man finds two different then-President Barack Hussein Obamas at an event. To determine who the real one is, he has them play basketball. A mix of a racist story and SJW propaganda, but I repeat myself.

That is my list. What do you think? Let me know in the comments which Spider-Man costumes are your favorites. While you are at it, check out my list of Top 10 Spider-Man Costumes. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more posts like this one.

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