Top 11 Worst Valentines Ideas

top 11 worst valentines ideas

Valentines Day has come and gone. Hopefully, you got everything together for your significant other. I have heard so many stories crazy dates, stunts, and gifts from friends and acquaintances regarding February 14, I had to write an article about. Well, just the bad stuff. Some came from guys and some from gals. 

Here my Top 11 Worst Valentines Day Ideas:

11. Fast Food Is Not Appropriate- I know it may seem strange, but true story about a lovely pair I knew where the boyfriend took his girlfriend out to get cheap food for Valentines, even though he could at least afford the next step above. She was not happy. 

10. Scary Time Is a No-No- I knew this girl who thought it would be funny to scare her husband while he was showering for their big date. She dressed like Mother from Psycho and came in with a butcher knife. Needless to say, their date got cancelled. And the story is still a sore spot. 

09. Guts and Glory Are Not For Valentines- If you take your bride and girlfriend out for a movie, good idea, as long as it’s not something with a lot of blood and guts. Be sensitive to her tastes and take her to something a bit more romantic or at least relaxing (If she doesn’t like ooey-gooey). 

08. Sad Is Not For Valentines- Ladies, you want to watch a romantic film or a good drama, great! However, something with a sad ending is not ideal for your man. Like I told them, be sensitive to their tastes too. We don’t want tears for a night that’s supposed to be about romance. 

07. Scatological Humor, uh No- Guys, we like a good gross joke, but take it out of your thinking for Valentines. It is just not appropriate for the day. Trust me. This is a day to be romantic, not to talk about your stomach. 

06. Joke Cards Are A Zero- For both men and women, don’t give your significant other a card that has some sort of joke, whether clean or crude. Come on, this is a romantic night. Get a card that shows how much you love your significant other. 

05. No Songs That Preach- Who does not love a good romantic song for Valentines Day? However, playing preachy songs like We Don’t Talk Anymore, Rolling In The Deep, I Want It That Way, or Fix You, that’s not a smart move. 

04. Don’t Get Cheap Gifts- Whether you’re picking out flowers, watches, jewelry, candy, or whatever, make sure that the gift is nice. Get roses, buy a nice watch, real jewelry, and good candy (preferably in a heart shaped box). 

03. Wait Until The Next Day For Serious Conversations- Valentines dinner is not the time or the place to bring up serious concerns. Enjoy the freaking day and evening together. Don’t bring up a topic that will cause an argument. 

02. Don’t Go Stinky- Take a shower, shave or trim, do your hair, blow your nose, and wear clothes that look nice and smell good. It is a good idea to be hygienic on Valentines Day. Make sure you are prepped, well groomed, and have good breath. 

01. Don’t Break Up- This one takes the cake. Do NOT break up with your significant other on Valentines Day. I’m pretty sure that is the 11th Commandment. It is the worst idea ever and there are serious repercussions. Have that talk before or after. A good while after. 

Those my worst Valentines Day ideas. Do you have a story about one or have an idea of your own? Share it in the comment section and click subscribe for more articles like this one. 

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