My Top 10 Jazz Forms In Transformers

The Autobot sub-commander known as Jazz is one of Optimus Prime’s greatest allies, a trusted friend, and a cool cat who likes Earth’s culture, especially its music. He is smooth, a sharpshooter, and prefers style. Speaking of style, here are My Top 10 Jazz Forms In Transformers:

10. Laser Generation 2

TF Wiki

In the toyline and later comic book series, Jazz is a sleek, golden vehicle who packs a powerful laser. This was a repainting of the original colors that resembled his more traditional look.

09. Generation 2

TF Wiki

This is the original Generation 2 version which matches Jazz’s more traditional look and style. He and his fellow Autobots get a laugh when they trick the Decepticons into boarding a vessel to take them away from Earth and Cybertron.

08. Animated

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This version is a part of the elite guard who tries to keep Optimus Prime and Sentinal from tearing each other apart. He’s a ninja and a respected member of the Cybertron Elite Guard.

07. MovieVerse

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Jazz meets a tragic during a battle with Megatron when the Decepticon dictator viciously kills the Autobot lieutenant as the hero yells out defiantly, “You want a piece of me?”

06. IDW Comics

TF Wiki

During the “Things Fall Apart” story-arc in the IDW Comic book series where Ultra Magnus is looking for Rodimus Prime’s location where our favorite sub-commander is hanging out.

05. Videogame

TF Wiki

In “War For Cybertron,” Jazz is trying to help his fellow Autobots rescue the Dinobots, but also making sure that the Ark launches into space successfully without interference from the Decepticons.

04. DreamWave

TF Wiki

Before they left for Earth, Jazz served in Iacon, the capital of Cybertron, where he battled to keep the city safe from Megatron’s armies.

03. Cloud

TF Wiki

Spacetime World: Guardians of Time is a Transformers toyline where Jazz and the rest of the Autobots guard parallel from the evil Decepticons.

02. Aligned Continuity

TF Wiki

After the events of WFC, Jazz worked for his friends Optimus Prime and Bumblebee to help them capture an escaped Decepticon. Later, he would help Prime investigate the bizarre activities of the Cybertron High Council.

01. Generation One

TF Wiki

Voice by legendary actor and singer Scatman Crothers, this version of Jazz established him as one of Prime’s most loyal soldiers who could assess situations, strategize, and battle the Decepticons, all while maintaining his sense of style.

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